Wista LED Outdoor Wall Pack

Wista is a brand which always manufactures A1 quality products. One can never doubt its quality and the service which this well-known company provides. This brand is famous all over the world, and the only reason behind its large number of sale is the quality of the products which it manufactures.

So, if you guys are looking for Wista LED Outdoor Wall Pack, you have landed the right place because today I am here with the best types of Wista LED Outdoor Wall Pack. So, let’s move forward and have a look at the complete review of these types.

Door Step LED Mini Wall Pack

LED wall pack like WST-WPL-1-15W 25W is used for building entryways and walkways, pathway and perimeter lighting, and security. Well, you can get two types of models, WST-WPL-1-15W which 1is 12 LM/W efficacy with the flux 1625LM and WST-WPL-1-25W which is 110 LM/W efficacy with the flux 2614 LM.

Well, you will get a 12.7″*7.6″*5.5″ dimensional product. The net weight and gross weight of 15 Watt model is 1.2kg and 1.5kg respectively while the net weight and total weight of 25 Watt model is 1.4kg and 1.6kg respectively. Along with these remarkable features, you will get at least 54,000 hours of service life and 5-year warranty life with fast delivery. So, in case of its product service, one can never get disappointed.

Full Cutoff Wall Pack

Full Cutoff Wall Pack is a versatile product which can be broadly used in industrial lighting, home decorative lighting, and outdoor commercial lighting. One of the best features of Full Cutoff Wall Pack is, you can adjust and lock its energy-saving at an angle ranging from 0-degree to 90-degree which will provide you a better experience of soft light under a dark sky.

The nominal Wista Full Cutoff Wall Pack available power is 30W with 2kg net weight, 80W with 4.9kg net weight, and 60W with 4.6kg net weight. You can get 117 LM/W and 114 LM/W efficacy available along with photocell and motion sensor. You will get either a 7.9″*6.6*4.3 dimensional Cutoff Wall Pack or 11.5″*9.2″* 6.3-dimensional product. Well, the ambient temperature will be between -40 degree C to +45 degree C. You can lock the adjustable LED wall pack at an angle ranging from 0-degree to 90-degree.

Well, in this product also, you will get 54,000-hour lifespan with the 5-year warranty period. So, not only amazing features but Wista also provides the best service to its customers.


So, guys, it is all in this article. Well, as you all are aware that Vista always prefers high-quality LEDs and so it is one of the well-known and most significant brand in China since 2010. And not only the quality of its product but its service is also very satisfying for its customers. And as you read above how much satisfying and impressive service it provides to its users. Well, apart from all these features, one thing which attracts its customers towards it its reasonable price. So, don’t think and order the Wista’s LEDs right now. Thank You.


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