Why You Should Take Special Care of Your Mattress?

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Only a comfortable, sound sleep gives a boost of energy and energy for the whole day. To create all the conditions for this, a good mattress will help. It will provide maximum comfort and the correct position of the body during sleep, which will help maintain the body in good shape. But mattresses are different, and a model that is suitable for one, for the other will be completely unacceptable. That is why it is so important to know how to choose the right mattress.

After reading our recommendations, you can safely proceed to the selection of the mattress as an experienced and demanding customer who knows a lot about mattresses and a comfortable and healthy sleep.

The main functions of the mattress

Any mattress, regardless of type, should provide comfort, support the body, relieve stress and fatigue. In addition, if it is selected correctly, it can reduce unpleasant or pain in the back and even prevent the occurrence of some of the diseases. Orthopedic mattresses cope with this in the best way.

An orthopedic mattress is a healthy sleep, a good night’s rest and the prevention of spinal diseases.

However, today, all mattresses are called orthopedic, which at least somehow support the body during sleep. This is not entirely true, since not all models give the orthopedic effect, but only those that provide the most natural arrangement of the spine and prevent it from experiencing additional loads. To do this, they must repeat all the contours and shapes of the human body. For example, a too soft mattress will sag to the spine, and a very hard one will put pressure on it.

Thus, one should not expect healing effects from orthopedic mattresses, but they are able to provide serious assistance on the path to recovery. Moreover, the orthopedic effect of the mattress depends on how much the characteristics of each individual person are related to the characteristics of the mattress. For people of large physique and overweight, mattresses are required with characteristics different from those intended for children or adolescents.

How is the Orthopedic effect achieved?

Since different parts of the body have different weights, in order for the mattress to repeat its shape, it is necessary that the load is distributed evenly over the entire length. Water and air mattresses cope best with this task, but because of their high cost and impracticality, they are more likely to be exotic. Speaking about the more familiar for us, latex or spring models, in order to achieve the maximum orthopedic effect, they should have different hardness zones.

Types of mattresses

types of mattresses

You can find on sale a spring or springless mattress – these are the two main categories into which this bedding is divided. To choose the right mattress, you need to know their main differences.

Springless mattresses

Springless mattresses differ from spring mattresses in lower height and greater rigidity. They may consist of one or more layers. At the same time, both artificial and natural materials can be used as filling for mattresses.

The highest quality and best of springless mattresses are latex. They are based on natural latex, which is made from a foam extract of rubber tree juice. This filling provides excellent air circulation, elasticity, durability and resistance to external influences. These mattresses have a good orthopedic effect, can have different stiffness and can be combined with other materials.

Also, coconut coir is often used as natural fillers. Mattresses with similar materials are highly stiff.

Mattresses made of artificial latex proved to be quite good. They are produced using the same technology as foam rubber – by foaming. By properties, this material can be compared with natural latex. Such mattresses can have different elasticity and stiffness, which will depend on the number and diameter of the holes, as well as on the density of the foam rubber. They give a good orthopedic effect. They are often combined with other fillers, including natural ones.

Spring mattresses

The structure of spring mattresses includes a block of springs and a layer of different fillers. In this case, the springs can be combined with each other or independent of each other.

Dependent spring unit

This is a classic spring system called “bonnel”, it is used mainly for the manufacture of economy class mattresses. In it, the springs are combined into one system, so the pressure of the body is distributed immediately to the entire surface of the mattress.

In independent spring blocks

(models “Balance”, “Relax”, “Yoga”, “Tonus”, “Fitness”, “Asset”, “Cardio”) separate springs are used, which are in special bags sewn together. They can have different diameters, and, therefore, different quantities per square meter, 250 pieces are considered the standard. In this case, the more springs are used, the better the point elasticity. This means that it will fit better to the human body and bend in places of loading. In mattresses with low point elasticity, depressions form , they do not support the body and spine very well. Another advantage of such blocks is that they can use springs with different stiffness, this allows to achieve maximum orthopedic effect.

Upholstery and fillers for mattresses

Fillers for mattresses with spring blocks can be used completely different.

The first is a deck filter. It should be made of hard material that can protect other filling layers from damage by springs. Filters made of thermally pressed felt or spunbod are considered the best.

The next layer of filler gives the mattress additional properties, for example, softness or rigidity. The most commonly used are felt, foam rubber, batting, latex, coconut coir.

The worst fillers include batting (wool or cotton wool), it is prone to rolling and has low elasticity.

The foam rubber, especially its latex-like species, has good elasticity and resilience properties. At the same time, low-quality cheap foam rubber having a low density usually quickly begins to crumble and sag.

To date, latex, coconut coir is considered the best fillers. It should be borne in mind that the closer to the upholstery a layer of horsehair or coir will be located, the more rigid the mattress will be.

The best upholstery material is jacquard. This fabric is strong, dense and durable. It can be natural, with the addition of synthetics or fully synthetic. Mixed species are optimal. Flock upholstery is not the best option, as it does not allow moisture and air to pass through, so the mattress will not breathe.

The advantage of knitwear is both in the pleasant texture of the front side and in its special strength – any hole can be carefully sewn with a needle, but ugly arrows can form on the jacquard. Also, weaving knitwear allows him to stretch better, repeating the bends of the mattress without tension.

What should be the rigidity of the mattress?

Both too hard and too soft mattress can cause discomfort, so this moment should be given special attention.

The older the person, the softer he needs a mattress: children are advised to sleep on hard surfaces, after reaching adulthood, you can stop on a model of medium hardness, after thirty, the mattress should be chosen based on physical characteristics and personal preferences, after 50 soft, comfortable surfaces are recommended.

Also, choosing the rigidity of the mattress, you should pay attention to weight .

– Weight from 60 to 90 kg. This is the most common weight of a person. Therefore, people of this weight category can afford the choice of any mattress, taking into account other non-weight indicators of anatomy and orthopedic recommendations. Special emphasis on the weight category in this case is not worth it.

– Weight from 40 to 60 kg In this case, you should pay attention to softer, anatomical models or models of medium rigidity.

– Weight over 90 kg. Choose stiffer models that will also specifically target your age. Each model is equipped with instructions on which there is an indication of the maximum allowable weight of one sleeping person.

Mattress size

Most often, people purchase mattresses in standard sizes, as they select them for beds sold in stores and also having their own standard dimensions. But there are times when you need models of certain sizes, then you can make them to order.

The standard sizes of mattresses for a single bed are 0.8×1.9m., 0.8x2m. or 0.9x2m, for double you can order two single mattresses or one, full, of course, the second option will be better. Usually they have a size of 1.6x2m.

Depending on the types of mattresses, their height can range from 4 to 30 cm. Springless mattresses have an average height of 10-15 cm, spring mattresses – 17-25. The greater the height of the model, the more fillers in it and the higher its cost.

The level of your physical activity.

If your lifestyle suggests a low level of activity, this suggests that the anatomical requirements for the mattress should be reduced. Choose a mattress based on personal preferences and your own health. Active people involved in sports should choose stiffer mattress models.

Medical indications.

If there are already chronic diseases of the spine, as well as in the postoperative period, post-traumatic period, the choice of a mattress must be carried out according to the recommendations of a doctor. If from time to time you encounter a problem of back and neck pain, but you do not have a medical diagnosis, you should choose the most stringent models. If personal preferences dictate you the choice of a soft, comfortable mattress, but back pains still make themselves felt sometimes, choose a double-sided mattress.

Habits and wishes.

Each person is unique and individual in his own way. Consult a doctor, seek advice from our specialists. And on the basis of the advice received, choose the model of the mattress that will meet exactly your preferences. You can also buy a mattress under 300 dollars online, if you’re running out of your budget.  The choice of models is so great that it allows you to combine “business with pleasure” in each individual case!

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