Why You Should Bring In A Restoration Company After Your Home Floods

Flooded houses

When a terrible rainstorm hits or a pipe bursts in your home it doesn’t take long to end up with a flooded basement. Along with the loss of many of your precious items and furniture, your home can be at risk for developing mold if the mess is not properly cleaned up.

Just trying to pump all the water out of a flooded basement can be a hassle. Then you are dealing with sopping carpets, ruined and wet furniture and damaged floors and drywall. Taking the clean up efforts on yourself can be a bit overwhelming.

When you are already stressed out about finding your basement full of water, it’s a good idea to bring in the pros like the experts at ASAP Restoration to help you with your efforts. Professional clean up crews know exactly how to get the process done quickly and with the most expertise in preventing further damage.

When you end up with a flooded basement, bringing in a restoration company can have a lot of benefits.

Health & Safety

A basement full of water can be a dangerous place. The risks of injury or even electrocution are high in this kind of a situation. A restoration crew can come in and make sure that the entire area is safe from debris and electrical risk. 

Standing water can carry all kinds of debris and bacteria that should be avoided by homeowners. Wading into waters that haven’t been inspected by a professional could be very dangerous.

Mold Prevention

With flooding damage comes the possibility of mold developing in your basement. Mold spores can lurk and grow for weeks even after the mess is cleaned up if it’s not done properly. A restoration service will make sure that all moisture has been eradicated and the risks of mold developing are very low. 

All furniture, carpeting and damaged drywall will be removed and replaced to eliminate the possibility of spores growing in these areas. Flood damage is one of the first things that potential buyers will look for in a home so you want to ensure that you have no problems and no obvious signs of water damage.

Quicker Clean Up

Seeing your basement full of water can be overwhelming and leave you wondering where to start. With a clean-up crew on the job, they know exactly how to start the process and can get to work right away. Having serviced thousands of homeowners with flooded basements, a restoration crew can efficiently do the job in half the time that you can do it yourself.

Insurance Coordination

Many restoration companies will even deal with your insurance company on your behalf. Because they have dealt with so many flooding incidents they know exactly what information about the flooding that the insurance company is looking for to properly pay the claim. They will take all the proper pictures and complete the paperwork so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with your insurance broker.

Pro Equipment

Restoration crews show up to your home with all of the equipment that will be needed to do a thorough clean-up. You won’t have to spend more money on renting industrial fans or shop vacuums to get rid of the water.


It can be frustrating and overwhelming to deal with a flooded basement. Give yourself a break and bring in the professionals that know exactly how to get your home back to a safe and dry condition.

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