Why tinting your house makes it worth more

Previously, tinted windows were associated with car windows but now most home owners have started to see the benefits of tinting their windows as well. In fact, homes with tinted windows attract higher value than similar homes without tint. So, if you are considering making this investment, here are some of the reasons why tinting your windows at home makes your property more valuable.

Energy efficiency

Tinted windows block scorching sun rays thus keeping your room temperature cool. As a result, you end up using less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house. Energy efficiency is a great benefit that will help to increase your residential fiscal value. In this time of unstable economy and rising energy prices many home buyers are looking for ways to reduce their bills – one of them being energy efficiency. Tinted houses also do not get very cold at night since the windows preserve heat absorbed during the day thus maintaining the room temperature.

Protection from the UV sun rays

If you thought that you can only get sunburn sitting on the beach you are wrong since it can happen as watch a movie on couch at home due to sun getting through the windows. According to research, UV sun rays are the major causes of non-melanoma skin cancer. Tinted windows block about 99 percent of UV rays thus protecting anyone in the house from getting skin diseases caused by UV rays. Investing in tints for your house will also protect your furniture, electronics and mats from damage caused by the sun. In fact it is common to see your furniture fading on the side that is not shielded from the sun.

Increased privacy

Nothing is more annoying than having people passing by and seeing everything you are doing in your house. Whether you are cooking, sleeping or even reading the last thing you need is to have a creepy person by the road side looking at you. Especially if you like to talk around your home with very little clothes on. However, with tinted windows you do not have to worry about anyone invading your privacy. You can see outside fine and get plenty of natural light, but those outside will have no idea what you and your family are up to.

Better security

Tinted windows are known to prevent theft. If you have a clear window a passerby may be prompted to steal your precious sound system or jewellery even if such a person did not have such intention. Clear windows also tell more about your house and whether it is occupied or not. In addition, if a thief tries to break in to your house the film on the windows keep the glass intact thus making it hard for a thief to get through.

Easy to maintain

Most films are water resistant while other are scratch resistant thus making cleaning easier. There are some tints that require special cleaning agents as coat my react with high corrosive detergents and come off. You also to have schedule for cleaning the tint since dirt will make the windows look dull.

If you want to save on energy bills and enjoy privacy and protection in the short term, as well as having a higher resale value for your home in the future, you should consider adding tinted windows to your property.

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