Why Should You Hire a Property Styling Specialist before Selling Your Home?

Property Styling Specialist

Are you looking to sell your home at the best price? Several things can help you with that, like researching the market, making the sale at the right time, and knowing how to negotiate.

However, one of the essential things before selling your house is upgrading, repairing, and refurbishing it. For example, a home might require repairs, and the carpet may need cleaning after a few years of building. One might have to declutter or even trim their garden and yard.

Doing all this alone can be not very comforting, as one might be short on time. The best option is to hire property stylers that will prepare one’s home in a way that leaves visitors impressed at first sight.

If it’s your first time hiring a service of this type, here are some details you will find helpful.

What is a property styling company?

Property stylists are professionals who have years of experience in the real estate industry and know the ways and means of maximising the returns on houses. It cannot be done without adequate preparation, which is what they help the homeowners with.

For example, a cluttered, untidy, unattractive, dull, and unappealing house would leave a homeowner unimpressed. The buyers will feel the same about one’s home unless they make necessary changes beforehand.

Benefits of hiring stylists

These professionals handle the entire preparation process, from carrying out the required repairs to preparing the house, for example, painting, gardening, or carpeting. The stylists have a keen eye for detail and know how to arrange a property to enhance its appeal to the onlooker.

A company’s styling team, with years of experience, will enhance a home’s value by using carefully curated furniture and accessories. They will highlight the positive areas of the home by using the right combination of colour and scale, furniture, and artwork.

Property stylists will also ensure your home’s interiors capture the attention of online buyers, which is essential because of their large percentage. The more people view your property online, the higher their number will be at the open inspections.

The friendly environment, welcoming appeal, and beautiful appearance of your house will win over the visitors within a few minutes of their arrival.

Types of services offered

The specific range of services offered varies depending on the company you hire. One can find the best professional services by clicking https://novaricollective.com.au/home-staging-to-sell/. People can also search on the Internet to get some of the best organisations that provide styling services. However, here are some that you can expect from most of them.

Free professional styling consultation

A team of experts would visit your house for an initial inspection and consultation to assess it and decide the best way of preparing it for sale.

Full or partial home staging

A full staging includes bringing outside furniture like beds, lounges, chairs, etc., to lend a stylish appeal to your home, while a partial one involves using the existing one for the same purpose. You can opt for either, but the best results come with complete staging

Installing the hired items

The company will install the hired items and decorative style pieces and hang artwork wherever required, making the interiors come alive.

Collecting the items

After the hired term or sale is complete, the professionals will collect the items at a fixed date.

You should hire a home styling company to help you refurbish and prepare your house before sale, as that will increase its value significantly and ensure you receive the maximum returns.









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