Why Landscaping is Important to My Property

 The majority of property owners tend to ignore their landscape design. This is despite the fact that everyone wants their home to have an appealing outlook, especially from the curb. In fact, most homeowners see landscaping as an unnecessary expense. The truth is that the benefits of landscaping outweigh the cost of the design. This is due to the fact that designing is only done once. As a matter of fact, landscaping is more than just planting trees and grass. Continue reading below to learn why the efforts of landscaping your property on a regular basis pays off.

  1. Tames Soil Erosion

 Soil erosion is usually caused by runoff water that results from heavy downpour. If allowed to persist, these violent waters wash away all the soil, leaving your home with dangerous gully caves. The erosion also reduces the lifespan of cables and water pipes that are buried beneath the ground by exposing them to bad elements of weather such as snow and scorching sun. But when your home compound is landscaped by experienced designers such as GandGlandscapes.com, soil erosion becomes a thing of the past. This is because the soil is held by the roots of the grass and trees. Besides that, constructing retaining walls helps in creating extra seating areas in the outdoor space.

  1. Boosts Home’s Market Value

An underutilized backyard and front yard could be the reason why your listed property has not attracted any buyers for decades. Keep in mind that potential buyers usually calculate the amount of money they would have to spend on landscaping. When landscaping is in place, your property can command a higher price tag in the market. This is because a beautiful landscape implies that a home is not yet abandoned. Research actually shows that landscape is one the things that attracts the attention of people that are hunting for properties. And in case you didn’t know, people will first see the plants and grass before noticing even the design of the house and other features.

  1. Reduced Stress Levels

 Sitting in a landscaped compound is known to have a calming effect. People who are stressed feel relieved when they hang out in a garden that has trees and grass. This is because the trees generate a cool breeze that plays a vital role in calming the nerves. And perhaps that’s why most hospitals plant trees close to the wards. In fact, there are claims that staying in a landscaped outdoors helps in lowering blood pressure that’s ignited by anxiety.

  1. Serves as Filter

 Without vegetation cover, it’s easy for herbicides and pesticides that are used in farms to be washed away by rain water into rivers, lakes and ocean. Once they are deposited into the water, they end up killing the animals and plants that are found in these places. Landscaping therefore prevents these toxins from making their way into lakes and rivers, which in return helps in conserving the environment.

  1. Guarantees Fresh Air

 The air that we breathe is usually contaminated by debris and dust from toxic waste. Breathing such toxic air makes us vulnerable to airborne diseases. But when there are plants all over, they help in trapping the particles of debris that are in the air. Besides that, the trees ensure that there is an adequate supply of oxygen. In fact, scientific studies have proved that a single tree is capable of producing oxygen that can support the lives of four adults.

  1. Offers Protection from the Sun

 Have you ever walked on tarmac on a sizzling hot afternoon? It actually makes you feel like you are being roasted alive. The burning effect is caused by the fact that the rays of the sun are landing on your skin directly without being hindered by any obstacle. That’s why experts advise people to always wear sunscreen. But you wouldn’t need sunscreen during summer when walking on a pavement that has trees on the side. This is because the trees provide a shadow that protects you from the scorching sun. In addition to that, the grass cover underneath your feet helps in reducing the intensity of the heat.

  1. Promotes Home Security

 Planting a live fence on the edges of your property can prevent thieves from accessing your home. Keep in mind that some shrubs tend to have stinging thorns that can prick your skin. The other advantage is that the thick live fence protects your home from strong winds that are capable of damaging the roof of the house.   Moreover, pruning the trees and clearing the bushes ensures that thieves have nowhere to hide. In fact, you are able to see the entire compound by just peeping through the window.  


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