Why Fall is the Best Time to Take on a Reno

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The summer may be winding down, but that’s no reason to postpone your renovation plans. The oncoming fall is the perfect season to take on projects big and small — from sweeping rebuilds to smaller seasonal chores. Here’s why:

   1. It’s a Seasonal Sweet Spot

The fall is an ideal season for most work in and around the house, purely because of its weather. The temperatures have cooled from summer’s three-digit scorchers, but they have yet to dip too low into winter weather.

They also lack the torrential downpours of spring, which means you track mud into your house if you work outside.

   2. It’s the Perfect Time to Winterize

Time to Winterize

Soon, the eggnog lattes will replace the pumpkin spice ones. And once they do, you can expect some of the harshest weather of the year to descend on your house.

Preparing your home for winter’s worst involves more than making sure you have hot chocolate in the cupboards, cozy throws on the couch, and the temperature set to a toasty 78 degrees. It means winterizing your property before Old Man Winter arrives.

Seal damaged weatherstripping

The chilly blast of a drafty window doesn’t just complicate your attempts at hibernating in your blanket burrito. It also taxes your HVAC system, forcing it to work extra hard to heat your home. The harder your HVAC works, the more money you spend on heating.

Something as simple as repairing cracks in weatherstripping and other gaps in insulation may save as much as $400 on annual heating costs.

Clean your furnace

Cleaning your furnace is one of the best things you can do to make sure it’s ready for another season heating your home. At the very least, it needs a brand new filter to make sure dust and dander don’t obstruct its airflow. But you may also want to vacuum the cabinet. If you do, just remember to turn it off before you get started.

Find financing for larger tasks

If your furnace is old, it may need more than just a new air filter. It might need to be replaced!

While this may come with a huge bill, there is a silver lining to its replacement. Every furnace has a lifespan. The closer it gets to croaking, the more energy it uses, and the more money you spend on utilities. By replacing an old furnace, you stand to save money on these bills.

But, when replacing your furnace can cost as much as $6,100, it’s not an easy decision. Unfortunately, it’s not always a decision left up to you. Sometimes, your furnace calls it quits without consulting you or anyone else.

If you’re stuck replacing this necessary appliance, a personal line of credit can help you take on this unexpected cost. A personal line of credit acts as a safety net for when things go wrong — giving you the cash you need to take on urgent repairs.

Take some time to research your personal line of credit options proactively, so you’ll know what to do when you need cash in an emergency.

   3. You Miss the Holidays

As long as you finish before the winter, you also tie up your renovations before the hustle and bustle of the winter holidays arrive. This saves you the headache of juggling both of these things at once. It also means you’ll be able to show off your new home just in time for the holidays.

   4. Contractors Are Less Busy

two Contractors

When it comes to major renovations, summer is the natural choice. As a result, it’s the busiest season of the year for contractors and designers. If you don’t act fast, you may find your first and second choices fully booked up.

Resorting to your third, fourth, or even fifth choice on the list isn’t always the best idea — especially if you can’t guarantee the quality of their work.

You may avoid this scenario altogether with an autumnal renovation. You’ll have less competition when it comes to booking a contractor in time, so you’ll have a greater chance of hiring your favourite builder or designer.

   5. It May Save You Money

The summer months are to contractors what the holidays are to retailers — it’s their busy season. Now think about what retailers do when they hit their slow season. They put sales and other promotions to get people shopping.

Although you probably won’t find a contractor with a flash sale of 50% off, you may notice they offer significantly cheaper prices during their slow period.

In a lull, a contracting company will have to hunt for work instead of having homeowners fight over them. This puts you in a better position to negotiate their prices.

Make it a Fall Renovation

Most creatures spend the fall winding down from a productive summer, as Mother Nature prepares for another winter. But not you! You’ll be busy all season long now that you know what’s in store. An autumnal reno is a good idea for your budget and your house, so don’t postpone your project until next year. Make it a fall renovation, so you can retreat to a fully upgraded home once the real winter weather hits.


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