Why Buy A Glass Shower Enclosure?

Glass Shower Enclosure is one of the bathroom accessories that comes with its Beauty in a Bathroom Setting. It is designed to contain water within the showering area, generally in a bathroom.

Apart from the decorative use of Welleader glass shower enclosure, ut first, it’s important to determine which type of bathroom your shower enclosure will be for-is it for an en-suite or the main family bathroom? There are benefits and advantages of glass shower enclosures in the bathroom. They are:


1. Low cost of Maintenance

One of the main advantages of Glass Shower Enclosure is the fact that they are very affordable to maintain. They are easy to clean and very durable. If it is well installed, it requires very few repairs.


2. Less Mildew

Compared to traditional porous shower curtains, there is no hiding place for dirt of glass shower enclosure. It is extremely mildew resistant.

Moreover, some shower enclosures feature easy-clean glass(with an ultra-thin coating on the glass surface) makes the shower door significantly easier to clean without a lot of hassle. At the point of manufacture, a special coating is applied to a single side of the glass-this helps to prevent the build-up of dirt, grime, oil, limescale, stains and streaks-which means your shower enclosure will look like new for longer.  


3. More Spacious Look

In the present scenario of smaller housing, the efficient and full use of space to manage peoples’ schedules and comfort in the family becomes more crucial. Do you have a small bathroom that you want to feel more open and bright? Compared to a bathtub with shower curtains, the glass shower enclosure does not cut a small bathroom in half visually, you won’t need to worry about the need to eliminate those harsh lines that usually create a distraction to your bathroom’s visuals. A glass shower enclosure can make your bathroom appear significantly more spacious and look brighter. Moreover, it will allow better airflow in the shower room.


4. Safe

Besides the durability and low cost maintenance we have already discussed, what’s nice today is a safe shower can also be achieved. Shower Enclosure is secure for bathroom use. Instead of tiles, the walk-in shower surface makes it completely safe from any bathroom accident on the tiles. The walk-in shower surface drains water quickly. They significantly reduce chances of any mishap in the bathroom, and it reduces water on the floor and less clean up required after your shower. Moreover, the Shower Enclosure is made from tempered heat soaked glass. Some homeowners especially with those with kids fear glass enclosures due to ease of breakage and the risk of injury can choose the glass with thickness of 6mm, 8mm or 10mm.


5. Easy Access

For young ones and older adults of the house, they will need to struggle to step over the sides of a bathtub to enter it. Curbless glass shower enclosures make stepping in and out shower room with ease because people don’t need to step over anything to get in the shower.


6. Save Time

Aren’t we too busy at work? The answer from the majority is Yes! Today, people are pressed for time, everything else takes a back seat; people simply don’t have the time to prepare a bathtub and wait for the water to fill it up. Even if you do manage a dip for 10 minutes you would be faced with the task of emptying the tub and giving it a quick cleaning spray. A quick shower with no need of cleaning the bathtub would be the preferred choice for most people.


7. Efficiency

Glass shower enclosures come with efficient utility and toiletries storage features which are designed for smooth bathing while in the shower. Some of us who may have tried modifying our bathtubs into shower baths but that needs affixing enclosures and those of us who resorted to the shower curtain might have found out that it is never going to be up to the mark, and leaves the tedious job of mopping spilled water on your bathroom floor. It is quite clear from a time saving and operational ease point of view that a cubicle is a winner over bathtubs.


8. Keep Warm when in Winter

In winter, the air can be heated up quickly in the relatively small shower enclosures, so the temperature rises faster and helps to maintain the internal temperature, which not only saves energy but also keep people warm.


9. Versatile and Customizable

No matter what the size of your bathroom is, there is a glass shower enclosure to sui your space. Now on market, there is a wide range of customizable glass shower enclosures and shower cubicles to choose from. They can be either full or partial enclosures and can be installed with/without doors, that are hinged or sliding. There are also multiple types of glass and beveling to choose from, making it easy to design custom shower doors to complement your taste. You can explore their collection and choose the right Wellleader glass shower enclosure that matches perfectly with your bathroom styles.


10. Adds to Home Value

The shower room is simple in structure and makes it feel transparent and straightforward in the bathroom. It provides a stylish and practical showering solution, compared to a bath. The simple shower room can be combined with various decoration styles to create a minimalist bathroom space. The family shower life is more comfortable, making the bath full of fun.


11. High Return on Investment

Welleader shower enclosures are a great deal if you have future plans to resell your house. If your home has a traditional bathroom, but you are considering selling it, you can choose to remodel your home or bathroom and use an enclosure. Today, most residential real estate buyers are quite keen on luxurious finishing and design in the home especially glass shower enclosures in the bathroom. This means that you are able to get a high return on your investment in the event you decide to sell your home.

Whether you are building a new home or planning a new bathroom, then consider to choose a Welleader glass shower enclosure to enjoy their many aesthetic, safety, and health advantages.

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