Which window blinds are best for your bedroom ?

Do you need new window blinds for your bedroom and are wondering what type to get? It is good to always keep in mind that your bedroom is the most private part of your house where you sleep for a third of your life on average. Even if you have friends over at your house you always let them in your living room, kitchen, and backyard but never in your bedroom since it’s a special place for you and your loved ones. It is always essential that you keep your bedroom secure and private by installing the right windows and blinds. Here some options of bedroom blinds to choose from to ensure that you enjoy the comfort, safety and peace of your bedroom.

Blockout blinds

These are the best of blinds for individuals who want their bedroom as dark as possible. If you have problem sleeping with any light in the room then you should consider installing block out blinds that will result in total darkness. If you bedroom windows also face the annoying morning sunrise side, the block out blinds will help you maintain sanity and enjoy a few extra minutes of peace without the morning brightness. Black-out blinds come in many options to give the desired results. For instance some blinds have cassettes and side channels that help to ensure that all light has been blocked. Duette blinds on the other hand have fabric that goes the whole width to ensure there no gaps left on each side.

Shutters or Venetian blinds

These are special blinds that give you natural light during the day and privacy during the night. You can consider using wooden venetian blinds if your bedroom has a lot of wooden furniture since they can complement the room. However, if you have budget constraint you can consider installing polywood venetians, which gives a timber look the same as the wooden blinds. Shutters on the other hand add character and design element to your bedroom without making you break the bank.

Holland blinds

These blinds are great at diffusing light and can improve the aesthetics of the bedroom. With a reduction of 95% heat, they are also a fantastic idea for controlling temperature if you don’t have air conditioning. Royal Crest has a range of blinds for your home and can help you find the right style for your specific needs.

Iron or aluminum blind

If theft and burglary is a problem in your neighborhood then metal blinds will be perfect for your bedroom. For those individuals who live in a camper van, cabin or a garage you should also consider using metal blinds as they are hard to break. Metallic blinds can either be rolled upwards or sideways giving you full view and natural light during the day and rolled back during the night for full protection.

While materials, environment and lighting preference are some of the major factors that determine the kind of bedroom window blind that you should get for your bedroom there also other factors that you should consider.

Water resistance – If you live in rainy area you need blinds made of water resistant material so that they do not get water logged in case you forget to close your window.

Energy savings- Nights can be cold some time but with heavy fabric materials you can keep the cold out thus reducing the need of switching on the heating system all night.

Get the right blinds for your bedroom windows and you will never have to worry about cold, privacy and safety while sleeping.

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