When is The Best Time of Year to Replace Windows?

Interested in having your windows replaced? You may be debating with yourself on what time of the year is best to begin this fun project. Fortunately, there is plenty of evidence and guidance on the subject. Continue to read to learn about some of the factors that could affect your decision on when to move forward with replacing your windows.

Warm Weather Is Best, Hot Weather Is Not

The perfect time to replace your windows is either in the spring or just as it is about to turn to summer. There are several reasons why this is the sweet spot for window replacement. First, planning to replace your windows during the chilly months means for a period of time you will have a giant opening from the warm inside of your home to the icy outdoor world. Many do not prefer this since it will require them to heat both their indoors and outdoors!

When you caulk your windows it is what is going to keep your windows nice and sealed. It also works better during the warmer months than in the cold. It is recommended you only caulk when temperatures range anywhere from 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This can change if you are using silicone since it can withstand the cold easier.

From warm to cold months some materials expand and contract, this is especially true for aluminum and vinyl. If your windows are caulked and installed in the winter you are more likely to notice cracking and splitting as the weather begins to change. This is also why it is best to not do it on the hottest day of the year and avoid replacing your windows in the summer. You can still end up with cracked caulk.

Installing Windows in The Winter

There are some scenarios when you are going to need to replace your windows regardless of the month or weather. In those situations, consider following these guidelines for how to make the transition smooth.

Aim For Sunny – Watch the weather and talk to your contractor about coming mid-morning on a good weather day. This may require some last minute scheduling, but your contractor should have some more availability during the winter. It is also best to check for rain, some sealants cannot get wet until they are completely dry, typically 24 hours.

Silicone Caulk – As we mentioned earlier, silicone-based caulk is better for those cold months since it can handle the weather with more ease. It is also better at waterproofing and efficiently keeping the unfavorable weather out of your home.

Benefits of Winter and Summer Installation

During the dead of winter and the bustling center of summer, you will find it much easier to schedule an appointment with your contractor. It is also said August may be your best time to reinstall your windows due to the low prices. People are typically traveling and not performing home repairs during these times, so that means discounts for you!

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