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Who doesn’t love RVing? A trip filled with enjoyment and adventure is what we need! Traveling from one place to another in RV (Recreational Vehicle) is a whole new experience and the one that can never be forgotten. RV travel is the new trend followed by family and friends to spend quality time with each other as well as to save money. Do you know how many benefits are there of RV travel?  The most important two are saving money and the creation of a strong bond. Others are flexibility in travel, comfort, and convenience, you can spend more time outdoors or camp.

Before going on a RV travel or RVing you will need to check your RV vehicle properly. Its mechanism, fueling, and everything; and that depends on the type of RV you have. There are mainly two types of RV trailers or self-motorized. Whatever type of it is issues can be faced in any of them. The problems related to RV includes roof leakage, electrical issues, plumbing problems with toilets and water systems. These are some common problems faced by RV owners.

When you have plumbing issues in your house, you can have the plumber fix them within a couple of hours. When it comes to your RV, not many plumbers will respond to your call. Whether you are on the road or camping, having your RV plumbing repairs done at a service shop could take weeks. As such, it is wise to understand the essential things about fitting an RV. Often, a leak in an RV water supply is easy to repair since the water lines are made of plastic (PEX). The water lines are not buried inside the RV walls, making it easy to repair. However, the pipes are connected using metal fittings and can be challenging to fix. Fortunately, this article focuses on what you should know about fitting an RV.

RV Plumbing Fix

  1. PEX Tubing. If used in a home setting, PEX tubing comes in color-coded for hot and cold water. However, manufacturers use translucent and non-colored PEX in RVs. Additionally, plumbing an RV requires you to use two sizes: 3/8-inch and ½-inch. The pipes are standard sizes since the outer diameter is greater than the required size. PEX is also relatively cheap and ideal for both cold and hot water. Chlorinated water is also not an issue when it comes to plumbing with PEX.
  2. Tools. When working on your RV’s water lines, you only require a tool to cut the PEX tubing. Although you can use a utility knife, a pipe cutter for PEX will provide a clean and even edge. Pipe cutters also ensure that you have a leak-proof connection. 
  3. Required Fittings. When repairing or changing your RV’s water lines, you need a variety of fittings. The fittings range from simple couplers to tees. Couplers allow you to fix a break while you can use tees when adding a new run. Other fittings may include adapters, which will enable you to change from one size to another. Here are fitting styles that are ideal for RVers.
  •     Plastic Compression Fittings. Flair-It is a brand found in several stores. The brand is relatively cheap, and you can find it in almost any online or physical store. When using these fittings, cut the tubing and ensure that there are no burrs on the tube. Unscrew the nut from the fitting and slide it over the pipe. Push the tube over the fitting flare as you rock it back and forth until it reaches a complete stop. Now, use your hand to tighten the nut until it is secure.
  •     Quick-Connect Fittings. These fittings are more costly than the previous ones and often come with a tube stiffener. You will find it easy to use these fittings in a cramped area. Cut the tubing and ensure there are no burrs. Slide the tube stiffener until it reaches the end. You can now insert the included collect clip on the joint.

When doing your RV repair St George, ensure that you only purchase RV-specific parts. Look for reviews to ensure you only get the best for your RV.

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