The 4 Essentials To Get Your House Ready For Spring

Get Your House Ready For Spring

While everybody is focusing on getting a house ready for winter or the yard ready for summer, spring often gets overlooked. After a long, cold, and possibly damaging winter, your house is going to need some TLC come the spring. After all, you don’t want to be making repairs and doing general maintenance in the summer when you would rather be lounging by the pool.

Spring is the time when everybody focuses on deep cleaning, and while that is important, maintenance shouldn’t be ignored. There is plenty to do around the house once the last snow of the winter is melted. In this article, we will go over how to get your house ready for spring.

1 – Check out the roof

The winter can do some serious damage to the roof that may not be fully revealed until the spring. If there are any spots where water can get under the shingles, then the thawing snow freezes and makes the holes even larger. Then the spring rains come and you end up with a serious leak in the attic.

High winds can also peel up the shingle just enough to loosen it and let water in as well. The first thing to do once the winter is over is to call in a Toronto roofing company to patch those holes.

If your roof is older than 20 years then you may even need them to do your entire roof over so you don’t have thee problems on a regular basis.

2 – Clear the gutters

Over the winter, the storms with lots of snow and heavy winds can bring a lot of debris into the gutters. Then, the runoff when it rains ends up going down the side of the house and can ruin your foundation or leak into the basement. You may even end up with water coming in through the window frames.

Clearing out the gutters is going to save you a lot of money and headaches later on. You should also check the downspout and gutter to make sure that all the welds are solid and there are no areas where the water is leaking out of them.

3 – Declutter the house

When you start opening up the curtains and have sunlight pouring into the house, it becomes clear just how much stuff you’ve been accumulating. The house inevitably feels cluttered after the winter. And since clutter can end up causing stress and anxiety, it is time to get rid of it.

Late spring is a great time to think about a garage sale so you can get rid of a lot of the things you really don’t need. It will clear your house and make it easier to keep tidy and will also put a few dollars in your pocket.

4 – Freshen up the drapes

With the windows closed all winter, odors have certainly accumulated in the drapes and curtains. This is a good time to freshen them up so they smell bright and fresh instead of like cooking odors and pets.

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