What to Remember When Looking for Custom Luxury Home Builders in Dallas Texas

When it comes to our home we like to be surrounded by what appeals to us and if budget permits having luxury around us can be very pleasing. Luxury means different things to different people. For some, it may be the detail of the home that is important, the cornicing, the finish on the paintwork, the exacting joinery, the carefully selected timbers or stone. For others the kitchen may be the heart of the home and that may be where no expense is spared, a large top of the range kitchen with top of the range bespoke appliances. It may be the size that is important, the number of rooms, their dimensions or some may enjoy plush carpets or specially selected wood flooring. Some like their homes to have energy saving features and some will opt to have a system installed so as to be able to provide their own energy. A swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi or state of the art gym may be a necessity. Perhaps the design of the property is important, maybe it has to have kerb appeal and a unique frontage. Or, maybe all of the features combined are essential for your luxury dream.


If you have specific requirements and you like a lot of bespoke features then it would be appropriate to consider a custom built home. You can then choose a plot and then have a totally free hand on your design. Working with a team of designers and architects will allow you to create a custom luxury home to fit all of your requirements.


So, what do you need to remember when looking for a custom luxury home builder in Dallas, Texas. If you bear in mind that a luxury home builder does not just come along with some bricks and a team of builders, they will be in charge of the entire project from the planning to the design to the build and during the build they will be responsible for coordinating all of the processes and overseeing the quality of the work, keeping the project on schedule and to budget and delivering an excellent result. Liaison with you and all of the trades and parties involved is a large and important part of the job. There is a lot involved and therefore selecting the correct custom home builder may take time and a bit of homework.


To do this you can spend time researching on the web at local websites (Go To Home Builders – Dallas is a great option if you’re interested), talk to friends and family to get their opinion or even consult local forums or facebook communities for advice. Whichever you choose, just make sure not to make rash decisions.

You may also wish to consider the following points:


  • Check out your prospective builder’s reviews and make sure that they are genuine. A reputable builder will be able to provide you with testimonials and should even be able to introduce you to previous client who may allow you to view the builders finished project. Failing that, they should be able to provide you with addresses or pictures of projects that they have recently completed.


  • It might be worth looking at whether the builder has completed similar projects to yours in the past and therefore has the experience for your undertaking. If you are proposing a large bespoke job and your builder has only worked on smaller homes, it might not be the best fit.


  • For your own piece of mind, selecting a builder who has a bit of a reputation in and around Dallas, Texas may be a good move as you will be looking for guarantees on the work and a builder who has only been in business for a very short time is not necessarily a reliable option.


  • A home comes with services, lighting, cooking facilities, heating and it is important that the contractors are properly qualified and registered. You can ask the builders for confirmation that their contractors are suitably qualified.


  • You should ask when the builder can do your job and be clear about the timescale for your job. Would you rather have it completed during dry weather as during the rainy season delays may be inevitable and wet weather means that the fabric of the building may be compromised if proper steps are not taken to protect the work.


  • Everything should be provided to you in writing so that your expectations and the builder’s expectations are clear. Having everything in writing minimises misunderstandings.


  • Have an agreed plan should there be delays as if you are planning your move, you may run into costs if you cannot access your property as expected.


  • What would happen if you were to make alterations during the process, you may want extra light fittings for example, how will that work in terms of cost and deadlines if you change the parameters of what has already been agreed. Would you be able to make a certain amount of changes as part of the contract and at what stage could you no longer make the changes.


  • A good Dallas builder will be prepared to liaise with you at set times throughout the project and should check in with you regularly for a project update. Make sure that you are clear on the process and make sure that you have an agreed contact number that you can use to have any concerns addressed.


Building a custom home in Dallas, Texas is a huge undertaking with many processes and many different trades and personnel will be involved in the process. In order for your project to run smoothly, small and large details need to be considered at the start of the process, so before beginning sit with a pad and paper, consider all of the processes and your expectations and take charge, remember the builder is working for you, you are paying the builder, you are not working for the builder. Take charge and lay down your requirements and expectations very clearly. Approach more than one builder and ask for estimates and make sure that you choose a builder that you can comfortably work with. If there are difficulties at the start of the negotiation process, this could be a red flag as when the process starts, issues will arise and you have to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident enough that your chosen builder will be able to work with you to resolve them.


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