What to Look for in an Office Chair?

What to Look for in an Office Chair?

Even though you may not be realizing it, having a good chair at the office may have a big say for your efficiency. Once your constant back strain is gone, you can work faster and longer. Or, at least, you should.

You want your chair to be supportive and reliable so that you can work for hours without getting tired or uncomfortable. But how do you know when an office chair is able to do that? What to look for when going shopping? Scroll down to finally get it what have you been doing wrong until now when choosing an office chair. After all, you can only switch from so many jobs.

What are the details that really count?

The office chair is far from being just a piece of décor and even though its looks do count for the whole unity of the office, what it does for your comfort is way more important.

Here’s what you need to double check when shopping:

  • Adjustability

The market gives you office chairs that come with adjustability for arms and height, but they’re not the only single settings that count for the comfort. Your office chair should have at least five adjustments and keep in mind that you can find chairs with even 14 different adjustments.

It’s also important that your chair has adjustable lumbar support, arm height and width, tension control and seat and back angle. The ability to adjust the seat back width and height are also to keep in mind when shopping. You want the supports to be dial controlled. Only some chairs come with hand-held bulb pump.

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  • Lumbar support

You always want good support for the lower back and the best options out there come with adjustable lumbar support that lets you fit the chair to your lower back. Back strain that turns into sciatica after some time is the last thing you want to come back home with.

  • Swivel base

This is an essential feature for the office chairs and almost all models nowadays swivel freely. The swivel base gives you easy access to different parts of your desk.

If your chair doesn’t come with a swivel base, you may experience arm fatigue as you’re going to keep on reaching for everything you need.

  • Wheel base

Many of the office chairs do come with a wheel base which gives you amazing freedom for movement. If the office is carpeted though you may need to look for a chair that features wheels that are especially made for rolling on the carpet. Rolling nice and easy, without damaging the floor, gives you speed and also lowers the risk for strain.

  • Fabric

One of the features that turn a regular office chair into a perfect choice for you is the fabric that is made of. You want the fabric to be breathable so that you don’t get hot from sitting for long. You want the chair to be well cushioned for support as you don’t want to feel the base of the chair through the padding.

  • Durability

Even though you may not be the most experienced customer, you can still have a closer look at the build of your office chairs. Good stitching and sturdy build that has a durability feel and stability of the chair (when you need it) are the details that tell you that you’re going to get a long lasting office chair.


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