What to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner?

choosing the right vacuum cleaner

When it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner you should know that it is a real jungle. There are as many brands as possible, there are extremely many models that all have different advantages and disadvantages and there is a huge difference in price. In short, it is not the easiest to find a vacuum cleaner that you really enjoy. To facilitate this, we first thought about going through some general guidelines that may be worth keeping in mind and then we thought about looking at some models. Take note: models – not brands.

Features you should consider

Here are some things we think you should have as a foundation when choosing to choose a new vacuum cleaner:

How much does it weigh? Do you live in a villa with stairs so maybe a lighter vacuum cleaner is preferable to a heavier one? However, a heavier one is usually a bit more stable and does not roll over as easily.

What does your own need look like? How you live is of course crucial – see above with the stairs as an example. But, also consider how large the area to be vacuumed and if you need one with extra high capacity or if you can manage with a less effective? It is also important to choose a vacuum cleaner if, for example, you have animals at home and where you will find one that can really suck up hair and fur.

How often should you use the vacuum cleaner in question? It is stupid to buy the most expensive vacuum cleaner available if you do not need to use it as often. Then it is hardly a matter of any investment.

How much are you prepared to pay? As said; prices vary very much and here it is important to have some ice in the stomach. You can get a good vacuum cleaner for around $100 to $300 and you can very well buy one that gives the same effect for the double price. The important thing is that you find a model that really suits your and your home’s needs.

The sound: How much does your vacuum cleaner sound and how sensitive are you to sound? There are many examples of where you bought a vacuum cleaner and discovered that the volume is unbearable.

With this in mind, we were going to go through a few different types of vacuum cleaner models and we were going to give some simple pros and cons of all of them:

Standing vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner that, so to speak, does the job. An upright vacuum cleaner often has a very good performance and especially good is the model for cat owners as it sucks up really well on carpets and other textiles where hair has the ability to get stuck.

Advantages: very good effect. Good to use in confined spaces.

Cons: the weight. Difficult to maneuver around corners and in stairs.

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner: The most common type of vacuum cleaner and probably the kind you think of when you hear the word vacuum cleaner. Since most people know how they work and look, we immediately jump to the pros and cons of the model in question.

Pros: Easy to pull around. Easy to store. Effective.

Disadvantages: In homes with many carpets, a cylinder vacuum cleaner is quite weak. Suction capacity is small if compared with the upright variant. Generally, it has lower performance; but they still cover most of the needs of medium-Svensson.

Vacuum cleaner with or without bag: Many take for granted that a vacuum cleaner should have a bag – but the fact is that we in Sweden are quite alone about this. Namely; For us, the choice is often obvious, but in other European countries it is not as obvious. Most people know how a vacuum cleaner with a bag works and what advantages and disadvantages come in the purchase. We are therefore content to list only the vacuum cleaner without the positive and negative characteristics of the bag:

Advantages: Cheaper. Easier to handle (you only pour dust and garbage in the garbage).

Disadvantages: many models are of fairly low quality, which means that it is practical that when you have to empty the container where the dust is collected, this flies out and dizzy everywhere. Thus, try to find a model that is easy to empty.

Can you count on a vacuum cleaner test?

Many people buy their vacuum cleaner after first doing their research by looking at various tests online. Something that is very good – and at the same time very bad. What one should know is that many of these tests are “ordered” by a special manufacturer and that for this reason they are not completely reliable. We advise that you look up who is behind the test in question before digging too much into the written reviews and analyses.

Choose the right vacuum cleaner

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner can seem complicated when there is so much to go for. In this review, we have based, among other things, on the points that we include in the buying guide to ensure user-friendliness but also allergy-friendliness and ease of use if you have small children in the family.

We have read reviews from both users and experts, and looked more closely at product tests that have been done by vacuum cleaners and have selected the ones that we believe are the best on the market today.

We have placed the greatest emphasis on the user reviews as these are the ones that use these vacuum cleaners regularly and are therefore well aware of both the quality and what is required of a vacuum cleaner.


There is a lot to think about when buying a floor vacuum cleaner, and it is not always the one with the most unique features to spend your money on. It is always good to check out reviews like Modern Living 101’s choice for shark vacuums to ensure a better purchase, regardless of home product.

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