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Window Blinds

Windows can be daunting if you leave them bare in your place, and it is more like a naked dwelling area. If you over-decorate your windows, you are blocking the best natural sources of sunlight. 

There are lots of hard-fought questions like what quality of window blinds consists of or which material is better; asked when planning for window blinds shopping? Like which type of blinds one should go for; brass or pewter rods, woven or blackout shades, printed or plain blinds. You will get answers to all of your questions if you thoroughly read below to know the best way of setting your window scene. 

There are few things to keep in mind when buying window blinds;

If you have not decided what kind of look you want your room want after installing blinds in Sydney, better do your homework first. You can use blinds in the tilted form to let the sun’s natural light enter or keep out of the room.

  • You want your entire home’s window to install blinds or just one? You may decide for curtain windows, but due to some reasons, you may have changed your plan. So make sure that window treatments are priced according to the size, pattern, or material.
  • If there are kids at your home, you need to go for cordless blind styles, because it should be a top concern before purchasing a window blind.
  • Decide what decorating style you are logging for; is it formal, casual, or chic? You can play with bold colours to create a dramatic illusion.

The best wooden window blinds

Blinds are generally made of wood, metal or a solid composite and these materials give them a harder look. Some of the best wooden window blinds are;

Natural Bamboo Roll-up Window Blind

Most of the interior designers recommend Natural Bamboo Roll-up Window Blind as they work seamlessly in any interior. And they are considered better to diffuse light with beautifully layered curtains, and you can see through such blinds while still maintaining privacy. You can use them in a modern, classic, western rustic or classic style that complements your décor.

Bali Northern Heights Wood Blind

Bali wooden blinds are both budget and eco-friendly, with the pale colour that can give you a modern Zen feel. They are 100% pure North American hardwood that can give your place an elegant and stylish look. You can choose real wood blinds as it has amazing beauty and energy. You will be confident once you purchased Bali wooden blinds as they are committing to provide the best quality and are saving the environment. They are available in different sizes; 1″, 2″ and 2-3/8″ that have the best and light level of blinds.

Waterfall Woven Wood Shade

The blinds are made out of wood, so they are safe for the environment and pleasant when touched. Then you can see the nice design it looks like a waterfall, complements the name. These blinds are made of very delicate softwood like bamboo and reeds that are woven together very firmly. If you need no longer darkness, you can roll the shade gently. You can get this shade in multiple colours and materials. And you will be surprised to see the originality of the blinds; this blind is going to cost you around $200.

Achim Home Furnishings Pleated

The Achim Home Furnishings Pleated shades offer crispy style with 3/8 inches of cells available in the market to install at your place. You can dust off this window blind easily with a fine quality cloth to keep it clean and stay bright for longer than expected. They are not very expensive; one can get it at affordable prices. You can go for Amazon if you are looking for some online solutions. You can have options for corded or cordless shades. 

Keystone Fabrics Motorized Outdoor

These outdoor shades let you protect the inner side of y our home from the sun’s rays and weather hard effects. Keystone fabrics motorized outdoor is made out of weather-resistant materials; you can raise and lower these blinds with remote control and can be used to shade gazebo and patios. They are moderately expensive, but all hardware is included in the price, so you need not buy accessories. And they are convenient to operate.

Linen Avenue Custom

The Linen Avenue Custom blinds provide both insulation and privacy that can help you in reducing your bills all through the year. These are simple and light-weighted, which makes it easy to operate without putting any extra effort. By installing these blinds, you are not going to add pointless hassle to your life. You can get Linen Avenue Custom blinds in 6 colours, and the fabric is smooth satin headrail.

Dez Furnishings Blackout

If you have some off working hours, and you need a bit shuteye without sun’s interruption, this Dez Furnishings Blackout is the one that you might be looking for so long. You can get peaceful and most deserved sleep upon fixing this kind of attractively designed blinds in your room. You can raise and lower them smoothly; this can also be used in nurseries. 

Choose blinds wisely as they can serve the purpose of blocking light and provide privacy. But it is advised to go for that blinds that can be best blended with your home and office interior. There are lots of blinds available in the market from wood to plastic to metals. You can easily find the best-suited blinds in any colour and finish that is not going to clash with your decorum. 

But be very vigilant and informed about the material of your window blinds when it comes to the location of installation. This is a very important decision to make. The location where you are putting blinds has different requirements like for kitchen or washroom. For instance, in a bathroom or over the kitchen’s sink; there should be such blinds that are designed to handle moisture. And all those windows overlook the seawater, or the meadow requires a blind that will not get discoloured and cracked due to facing constant sunshine.


Anyways, choose cordless blinds keeping in mind your kid’s and pets’ safety, even if they cost your bit expensive, but it is ok as nothing is comparable to the safety of your loved ones!

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