What Must one Expect from AC Tune-Up?

An air condition which is maintained regularly will guarantee to give you fewer problems and low energy bills. It will perform its operation in its best form and the life expectancy will also be increased by several years. Homeowners must make sure to keep track of the efficiency of their systems and make it a point to sign a maintenance contract with an experienced and qualified professional. When the talk is about the best and experienced ac repair professional, Weather Engineers leads the list.

 The least-cost involved in the professional ac tune-up Jacksonville FL annually will show for itself in the low energy bills, delayed investment in spare parts, and reduce future repair costs.

Change Air Filters

The next big thing after signing a maintenance contract is to change your ac filter regularly. This way, one can avoid the build-up of dust and dirt and in turn, will keep the airflow free and smooth. It is very vital to change your air filters at least once in six months and if your house has pet friends, then it will demand more than 2 times. 

Apart from changing air filters, make it a habit to clean the outdoor unit too. Leaves, grass clippings, and other related debris will slow the unit’s efficiency and also reduce the equipment life. This may at first be a minor problem, but in no time these minor problems will turn into a big problem which would force you to spend huge sums from your pocket. This affects the working efficiency of your air conditioners. You may experience slowness. You may feel that AC is not providing proper cooling or it is taking time more than usual to cool a certain area. 

Professional A/C Tune-Up

When you contact a professional for ac repair near Jacksonville FL, he will guarantee to take care of all the basic maintenance of the ac. A professional is aware of all the aspects that must be given attention. He will check and tell in an instant if something is wrong. This is the reason that you think he is called a professional. He is the reason for a good name for his company. Many of the workers are so good in their work that people call them because of their good work and do not care where they provide their services. These are the people who earn the name for their companies. You call them once and you always want to call them for the service. You not only admire their services but you are comfortable in calling them at your home. You can always ask them to check your Ac while you can perform your household tasks. You don’t need to stand near them watching them doing their work as it wastes a lot of time. You have noticed their work and you can let them do their work unattended. The following are a few of the basic things, one must expect from an ac tune-up professional in repairing your unit.

  • The professional will inspect the thermostats and other controls of the system. He will also make sure the components of your ac system turns on and off at its right time in the cooling cycle. He will inspect whether the thermostat is correctly operating and that it maintains the set temperature in your system. 
  • The professional ac tune-up will repair and inspect the electrical components. The inspection will include the current and voltage check in your system that is operating correctly. If there are any loose connections, he will fix it thus saving the system from major repairs.
  • The moving parts must be lubricated for smooth and efficient working. The moving parts of your system include fans, motor, and compressor. These moving parts will be checked and lubricated to reduce the frictions. If they are not clean and lubricated, they will not work properly.  The functioning of AC depends a lot on these small parts. If they are in good condition, you will get proper cooling throughout the hot summer weather. 
  • The condensate drain must be inspected carefully. Most of the time, the professionals tend to ignore the condensate drain, making it not very important. But in reality, the condensate drain if blocked by backed-up water, will cause a huge problem and also damage your equipment. So, you need to check whether is water is drained properly form the system. Keeping a check is good for you. As you will be able to notice even a small change in the function. Sometimes our ignorance may result in damaging the goods.  

  • The coils must be cleaned both in an indoor and outdoor place. The technician will clean the condenser coils and evaporator. This will help your system to run smoothly and with great efficiency.
  • The refrigerant levels will be adjusted. The refrigerants levels are a prime part of the system as it contributes highly for smooth system operation. 

Difference between AC Tune-Up and AC Inspection

Ac Tune-up and Ac repair are two different things. The technician in ac tune-up will help to keep your system running at its peak efficiency. He will take care of all the things from small to big. Ac Tune-up is recommended regularly because it will help to keep your system on its top and working condition. They will solve the issues at its beginning stage thereby saving you from spending loads of money in the future.

In the case of AC Inspection, the work is carried on after it has stopped working. If the system gives few issues like not enough cooling, leakage, or any other related issues, Ac inspection is called for. During an Ac inspection, the technician comes to solve an ac problem and not to maintain the system’s efficiency. 

Therefore, Ac Tune-Up is very important because it will add extra years to your system’s lifespan aiding you to spend your time free and happy.

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