What is more Eco-Friendly: Electric or Gas Heating?

gas vs electric water heater
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More and more people, regardless of their political convictions, are aware that if we don’t change our behavior dramatically, our grandchildren might inherit the Earth that is completely inhospitable to the human race. If we want to reverse the harmful trends, we need to act soon – there is no Planet B. Perhaps in the future, we might colonize other planets, but so far, if we don’t stop damaging our planet, it is possible that we will go extinct.

You have likely heard about different things you should be doing to decrease your carbon footprint. Sure, if we want to see the real change, we need government regulations, but each one of us should act as well. In a second, you’ll learn whether electric or gas heating is more eco-friendly. Let’s go!

Electric Heating

Although it’s not entirely harmless to the environment, electric heating is definitely a better option than fossil fuels. To produce energy, the utility companies can invest in methods that wouldn’t be viable, due to the costs, for regular users. It is usually a mix of different methods, as a company that would rely solely on solar plants wouldn’t be able to provide energy for the users during the night. The technology isn’t just there yet – it is already possible, but still not financially profitable.

If you intend to start producing energy on your own, f.e. by installing solar panels on your roof, the transition would be far easier if your home is heated by electricity. On the other hand, changing from gas heating to renewable energy would be far more costly.

It doesn’t mean, though, that electric heating is always the better choice. It is a frequent issue that the way in which electricity is being used isn’t great for the environment. Electric resistance heating has terrible effects on the environment, which is why you should switch to a more eco-friendly heating system if you care about your environmental footprint. Being eco-friendly is one thing, but if you intend to use electric heating, the more energy-efficient system will also help you save money.

Electric water heaters are significantly more eco-friendly than the ones that are gas-powered. The older models used to heat water even when it wasn’t needed. Thankfully,  the best electric tankless water heater models available on the market allow you to avoid unnecessarily wasting energy. On top of that, it will also considerably cut your expenses.

Gas Heating

Although gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels, it is still more harmful to Mother Nature than electricity. Unfortunately, gas heating, in most cases, is also cheaper. Sure, the damage that we are doing to our planet is terrible, but if someone has just barely enough money to get by, then having the smallest environmental footprint possible isn’t a priority. That’s why there should be government programs in place that would help people transition to cleaner sources of energy.

The issue with the gas is not that it is significantly more harmful to the environment when it is being used. Instead, during the extraction, vast quantities of methane are being released to the atmosphere, which makes global warming worse. On top of that, pipelines often destroy the natural habitat of many species.

On the positive note, gas heating is available even if the power is out, which could be an essential factor if you are experiencing frequent power outages.

Renewable Energy is on the Rise

Currently, renewable sources of energy account for 17% of the electricity generation in the United States. Although right now solar energy accounts only for 11% of all clean energy produced, it is predicted that by 2050, the percentage will climb to 48%. More people are aware of the effects that we, humans, have on our planet. Thankfully, as time passes, the technology that allows us to generate energy in a more eco-friendly way is getting cheaper. The awareness that we should avoid coal and other harmful energy sources is not enough if people don’t have enough money. That’s why the governments in many countries have spent significant amounts of money to help their citizens transition into more energy-efficient heating systems.

What’s Better?

It is impossible to say that either electric or gas heating is better. Both of those systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. If your priority is to avoid harming the natural environment, then electricity is usually a better choice than gas. Gas, on the other hand, is the cleanest fossil fuel available, though it is worse for the environment than electricity. It is still widely used because the costs of switching to electricity are high. That’s why government programs are crucial if we want to decrease the emissions of co2 to the atmosphere. Otherwise, some people will stick to gas simply because the transition would be too costly.


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