What is considered emergency AC service?

what is AC service

If you have had your AC turned off for a while, possibly because the winter months have just ended, you may find that it does not start when you finally need it to start cooling. Or maybe it was working fine just this morning, and as soon as you returned home from work, your house felt like an oven. Whatever the reason, you know there is something wrong, but is it an emergency?

What is an AC emergency?

No Air Flow

If the AC unit refuses to kick on, or there is no way to get any air flowing, it may reflect a malfunctioning cooling system. The reason for this might be a thermostat that is not calibrated correctly, a blower that is not functioning as it should, or maybe the time has come for you to purchase new equipment.

If the AC unit is not generating airflow or if the air that does come out is not fresh or cool, you need to reach out to an AC repair service to have a look at what is going on. Don’t wait to do so, particularly during the hot summer days when your priority should be the safety and comfort of your loved ones.

Strange Sounds

When the AC system starts to make strange sounds or noises that are not what you are used to hearing coming out of it, you are right to suspect that this is an emergency. This is because there are plenty of reasons for the AC to sound strange. Among them, your AC technician may find that the fan belt is loose or that the compressor is not functioning as it should, probably due to a high level of pressure, something that can be unsafe to those around. The first thing you should do whenever you hear strange noises or shrieks coming out of your AC unit is to turn it off. Then call your emergency AC technician to come and look at the system and give you a diagnosis.

Strange Smells

There is no reason for any weird smells to be emanating from your AC unit. On the contrary, it should give you clean, fresh air at the temperature you have set your thermostat. When unusual smells start covering your home coming out of the AC vents, it may be a sign that there is an electrical issue. Maybe a part has become extremely overheated and has either started burning or is in danger of bursting into flames at any time. In the urgency scale for emergency AC repairs, this one would be right at the top. Turn off the unit and call your trusted AC technician right away. You may get away with a repair, or you may discover that the damage is such that there is no other option but to buy a new AC system.

Call AC Repair

There are situations where an AC system that does not work is considered an emergency. Among them, when the temperature is dangerously high when you have young children, elderly or immuno-compromised people living in your home. Also, when the unit is leaking and causing damage to your home. In these cases, calling a 24-hour AC repair is the first thing you must do.

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