What Are The Important Terms To Consider For Your Boiler Cover?

Boilers can sometimes become costly to maintain especially when your house or commercial premises have older boilers that are prone to frequent breakdown. You can never predict when your boiler can have a sudden problem or break down resulting in you losing peace of mind. That’s where a good boiler cover or care plan comes in handy for you to ensure that you are never left without a functioning boiler at any point in time. A comprehensive boiler cover comes with coverage for all the boiler repairs that includes the cost if vital interior components and the labor charges. However, there are certain charges that are not covered under the boiler cover plan.

It is highly recommended that you have sufficient understanding of the important terms and conditions of your boiler cover to minimize the chances of your repair claim gets rejected. This post is designed to help to look at the important terms and conditions in the boiler cover, whether you already have an existing boiler cover or planning to take one shortly.

Boiler Installation

Boiler installation is a specialized task that requires the high expertise and experience of professional plumbing and heating engineers.  This complex task needs the expertise of gas safe registered engineers and improper installation by any untrained technicians will be the primary cause of the boiler issues that you may face in the first year of your boiler purchase.  If you read the boiler cover terms carefully, you can understand that boiler repairs that arise due to faulty installation will not be covered. Thus it is very essential that your home and business premises boilers are properly installed by professional engineers who offer comprehensive boiler repair service and cover support. Sheffield’s Effective Heating offers you comprehensive boiler cover plan for your boiler and central heating system of your home or commercial premise at highly competitive rates to ensure that your home or business are always kept warm and comfortable.

In case the boiler cover engineer determines that faulty installation is the cause of the boiler breakdown, then there are maximum chances that the boiler cover company could reject your claim.

Age Of The Boiler And Heating System

There is a set policy on the age of the boiler that majority of boiler cover companies follow when they approve for your boiler cover. Generally, most companies offer boiler cover for your boilers and heating system that are less than 7-10 years old, but again this number varies from company to company. It is highly recommended that you properly check the terms and conditions of the boil cover that you intend to purchase for your boilers that are more than ten years old, to minimize the chances of rejection of claims at later period of time.

Boiler Maintenance

Your regular and proper boiler maintenance plays an important role in determining whether your boiler repair claim is approved or rejected. Your boiler cover company normally expects that you maintain your boiler in good condition and you have regular boiler maintenance schedule in place.  In case boiler cover engineer determines that the customer’s negligence to maintain the boiler in best condition is the major reason for the boiler breakdown, then the concerned cover company may reject the repair claim on the grounds of improper boiler maintenance. Thus it becomes necessary for you to keep your home or business premises boilers in the best condition possible with annual boiler maintenance with experienced professionals to avoid any conflicts with your boiler cover company in future.

Know What The Repair Cost Limit Is.

Various Boiler cover companies offer different cover packages like monthly cover packages that have a specific limit on the maximum cost covered for each repair. Various boiler cover companies fix different maximum cap limit in order to minimize their losses that could arise due to the excessive claim amounts from their clients. In case the boiler claim repair exceeds the limit fixed in your boiler cover plan, then the concerned company will approve only the permissible amount, leaving you to incur the additional repair expenses. Thus, while buying a new boiler cover, it is very important that you look for the maximum cap limit for every boiler repairs mentioned in the cover plan.

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