What are the five crazy things people do to their roofs?

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When you are a roofer, you see some strange things on the roofs. Some of this stuff ranges from bizarre to super annoying, and some of it leaves you questioning the theory of evolution. Nonetheless, it makes for an exciting read. So, we have decided to compile a list of the strangest things we have seen during our roofing service.

Learning about these experiences is fun, and it will also give you a comprehensive idea about what NOT to do on your roof.

  1. Sitting on the roof during the summer

It can be difficult to stay indoors while it is a 100-degree inside, but there is a cool breeze outside. However, that doesn’t justify sitting on your roof on a chair, sipping chilled beer from a cooler. Try the lawn or the yard, build a tree house, any of these options are better than sitting on the roof. If you are already guilty of it, give your trusted roofing company a call.

  1. Shoot fireworks off the roof during fourth of July

We understand how much you want to participate in the fireworks show, but shooting them off from your roof is probably not a great idea. Your roof has many inflammable materials, and you are risking fire hazard every time you are shooting one off. Pick a field, away from other homes, where others are already lighting firecrackers.

  1. Keeping potted plants on the roof

You might be an ardent nature lover like we are, but that does not mean it is alright to plant herbs and shrubs on the roof. Putting clay pots allows water to pool around the depression from the weight. It can cause the roofing material to crack from the pressure. It increases the chances of molding and leakages. Staying environmentally friendly can cost you a few pretty bucks right there.

  1. Fixing the roof by yourself

We have seen people trying to hold the pieces of their roof together after a severe assault by Mother Nature. Well, sadly, you cannot hold parts of your roof together after a flying branch has ripped it apart. Flex Seal might work for everything, but roofs are an exception.

  1. Choosing a “roofing guy” from Craig’s List

We are not saying that Craig’s List does not have some pretty excellent deals, but would you really want a stranger with no credentials to come to your home and fix your roof? Does the cheaper price tag somehow offer you security? Are you even sure the guy has the right training for the job? Always check the local directory online for the updated list of roofers in your area.

People do a lot of crazy stuff out of curiosity and boredom. However, it is better and cheaper to direct your creativity away from your roof and as far away as possible. Being on the roof is alright as long as you are a professional roofer. If you are not one, then find that ladder and get back on the ground as soon as possible and dial the number of your local roofers for inspection.

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