What Are The Dangers Of A Gas Leak?

Gas Leak

Gas is commonly used for heating and cooking in many parts of Australia, especially where the homes are not on the grid. This was because of it as plentiful and cheap, however, today it is becoming scarce and there are more discussions about the all-electric home of the future.

In fact, one report even suggests that there is no need for new homes to include gas.

The problem remains that many homes do still have gas. If your home has gas then you need to be aware of the dangers associated with gas leaks.

Once you’re aware of the issues you’ll realize how important it is to get your plumber in Sydney to check your current installation.


fire in the Gas Leak

This is one of the biggest risks associated with gas. Gas is flammable; this isn’t surprising as it is used in boilers and stoves to create a flame for heat.

However, the problem with a leak is that you may not realize it is there. If the leaking gas comes into contact with a spark or a naked flame it will ignite, this can cause a small explosion as all the gas in the air lights simultaneously. It is even possible that the gas in the pipes can ignite.

Unfortunately, even turning on a light can create a big enough spark to ignite the gas. If you suspect a gas leak you shouldn’t touch, or turn on, or off, any electrical appliance.

Any fire resulting from a gas leak can quickly devastate your home and cause you a serious injury.

The good news is that the gas that is piped into your homes has an additive that gives the gas a distinctive rotten egg smell. The idea behind this is to provide you with a warning that gas is leaking.

Unburned Gas

Natural gas will not kill you if you breathe it in, the risk is with fire. However, a secondary type of gas leak can kill you.

When you have an appliance that uses gas but is not working properly the gas may not be fully burned. This can result in the production of carbon monoxide, a deadly and odorless gas.

If you breathe in this gas in a confined space you’ll start to feel drowsy, confused, get a headache, and can ultimate lose consciousness and die.

Because this is a by-product of burning the additive to gas is ineffective. To protect yourself against this type of gas leak you need to have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home. This will provide you with a loud audible sound, telling you to vacate the space and ventilate.

You’ll also need to call your plumber back to get the issue sorted properly.

Most gas leaks as a result of unburned natural gas happen in the winter. But, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful in the summer, a natural gas leak can happen at any time, even when you’re digging in the garden!

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