What are Retractable Screen Doors?

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Screen doors have been around for a long time and predominantly used in a warm or hot climate by residential homes, they have many advantages over the traditional doors we use. Often made of mesh they allow a free flow of air whilst also keeping insects out. They are also very helpful at keeping small children and pets inside. Another advantage is that natural light can pass through them keeping the home bright and allowing the occupant to enjoy the view.

Retractable screen doors can also be very efficient in colder climates acting as the second row of insulation. Often retracting vertically and retreating into the roof space they become essentially invisible when closed. With prices ranging on the size of the window or door, they are surprisingly good value and easy to install by the retailer, for further information and advice try freedomscreens.com.au.

How do Retractable Screen Doors Work?

Retractable screen doors and windows have come a long way since the Civil War when the concept was first conceived, they are now much more sophisticated and aesthetically appealing to the eye. They can be fitted onto the existing frame giving you protection from bugs and dust from entering the home or workspace. Rolling up into a protective housing in seconds which helps to protect the door when not in use from the elements including harmful UV rays and unlike the traditional screen doors that people use you will not have to remove them during winter to prevent damage from potentially harsh weather.

The main advantage of retractable screen doors is they are suitable for almost any home or dwelling.  Whether it is a new home or renovating your old home retractable screen doors can be a great addition and have extremely practical applications which can also have cost benefits with regards to air conditioning during the warm months and saving you money during the colder winter months.

The Advantages of Sight When You Have Retractable Screen Doors

Everybody envisions a home with a nice view of the city or countryside but with conventional doors, you have none or very limited views of your surroundings which is why many people invested in the property in the first place. Retractable screen doors allow you to still view the surrounding area and your property whilst maintaining airflow and light throughout the house.

The other factor to consider is the potential resale of your home or premises, having a view is something potential buyers would like, and retractable screen doors are cheap and easy to install which when it comes to leasing or selling the property can increase the price which is always a positive. The benefits of natural light are well known for health reasons for your family and any friends or clients who may visit.

Retractable Screen Doors are Made Specifically for You

With the majority of doors and window frames being different depending on when they were made retractable screen doors are tailor-made to fit your specific needs. With custom-made screens you will get the perfect fit and design to suit your needs, allowing you to be part of the design process and achieve the look you want for your property whilst still remaining practical.

Most retractable screen doors have a low profile at the floor level preventing stubbing your foot and helping to reduce accidents when entering or exiting the premises. It is not only the door itself that can be made to your specific requirements, the casing that holds and prevents damage when retracted can also be designed to look like part of the original house.

Allowing for Easier Access to Your Home

Retractable screen doors also allow an easier way to give access to the building, especially the rear doors. Having a get-together of friends or colleagues you can leave the doors open and each time anybody wishes to enter or exit they don’t need to concern themselves with swinging doors, this is especially convenient when gathering for a barbeque or garden party when catering is involved.

Also when you may come to moving furniture either in or out of the home it is way more convenient than the traditional doors. Giving you a wider space to maneuver through and causing less potential damage to the property and the items you are moving. The added advantage of being easy to maintain and operate retractable screen doors also gives the room a feeling of being bigger and brighter.


There are so many advantages to having retractable screen doors either fitted during the construction process or having a property redeveloped, the price, the added health advantages to your family and friends, and still maintaining airflow whilst avoiding insects and bugs from entering your home they are something every homeowner or property owner should consider installing.

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