4 Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Lawn

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Your lawn says more about your home than any green paint you may have on your house. A well-kept garden also gives the perception that the inside of your home is also in order. It’s also a great place to relax with your family or friends on a warm summer afternoon.

Getting your dream lawn has many health benefits too. It regulates the temperature of your surroundings through respiration while supplying the much-needed oxygen. Though sometimes you may put in work to keep your lawn in top shape, the results can be discouraging.

No matter how badly you want a well-kept lawn, it won’t happen overnight. Simple watering and spraying the grass with pesticides can help, but it’s only a part of the required job not everything. So what will it take to get your lawn from looking abandoned and disheveled? Read on this list of 4 ways to improve your yard.

Top 4 Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Lawn

  1. Watering

There is the right way and the ineffective way of watering your lawn. Most of the water from your sprinkler leaves as soon as it hits the ground through evaporation, leaving your grass as thirsty as it was before the watering. Instead of sprinkling shallowly several times a day, consider a thorough watering once a week. An inch of water is more likely to seep in the ground and help the grass than it is likely to evaporate.

  1. Cut Right

When cutting your grass, cut it to the recommended height of your grass species. Setting the mower low or high will depend on the kind of height you’re looking to achieve. The right cut also leaves the blades intact instead of disheveling them. For a clean cut, look for reel mowers that use the same mechanism as scissors. Make sure to recycle your grass clippings.

  1. Polish the Lawn Background

Overgrown bushes and trees can make a well-kept lawn look creepy and deserted. Keep dead branches off your trees and cut bushes uniformly to balance the clean look.

  1. Aerate

Watering and adding nutrients to your lawn becomes more effective with aeration. The water and nutrients need to reach the grassroots to improve the quality of the soil. Aeration helps in allowing the air inside the ground which later breaks it up to create more weak points and passages that nutrients and water can pass through.

Create the holes with a handheld aeration tool at least once a year. The more the holes you have in your lawn, the better the aeration process and the better your garden will improve.


Nothing says ‘home’ better than a luscious green and well-kept lawn. A thick carpet of natural grass can uplift the surroundings while keeping your family healthy. A surrounding of natural vegetation creates a live carpet where you can hold parties, relax with the family and play fetch with pets.

To achieve an appealing lawn takes hard work, and the tool report can show you what you need to keep your lawn looking good. Taking time to browse what’s featured on their homepage will be worth the effort.

Here’s a handful of tips on how to water your lawn properly:

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