6 Ways To Add Value To Your House

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Improving the value of your house doesn’t have to be the major challenge and expense you think it might be.

If you’re interested in putting your house on the market and are looking for some ways to increase its value so that you can get a fast house sale, then have a look through the following 6 ways you can add value to your house.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Making your kitchen look more modern doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive renovation job. Simple, small changes can go a long way in improving your kitchen. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your cabinets can have a big impact and make the room look instantly better. A faux-wood paint finish can make it look like you have beautiful wooden cabinets in your kitchen without having to replace your existing ones.

You could also replace the knobs or handles on the cabinet doors with more modern ones, like stainless steel or even crystal knobs for a more expensive look. If you have old appliances, you should also consider replacing them with new, stainless steel ones for a more modern, clean look.

Makeover Your Bathroom

Making your bathroom look good is one of the top ways to add value to your house. Make sure the tiles are pristine and if you feel like they might need replacing, you could always try some tile paint instead. Getting rid of old faucets and replacing them with new, contemporary ones is a great way to make your bathroom look better.

If you want to do a bigger bathroom upgrade then you could also install a granite or marble countertop for a more luxurious feel. Upgrading your bath and shower area with stone tiling and a rain shower head is a great way to make your bathroom a more relaxing space. Heated floors will also significantly increase the value of your house as they are very appealing to buyers.

Let More Light In

Letting more natural light into your house and using clever lighting hacks to brighten up different rooms is a great way to add value to your house. Nobody wants to live in a dingy, dark space, so using various tips and tricks to create more light is essential.

Using light-coloured curtains allows more natural sunlight to spread into the rooms, so replace any dark curtains in your house that block out the sun. Hanging a large mirror opposite a room’s window is a great hack for brightening up the space as the mirror will reflect the natural light that shines in.

Clean Floors and Walls

Making sure all the walls and floors in your house are pristine is very important as they can make or break your house. If they aren’t clean and don’t look good, it gives the impression that the rest of your house probably isn’t in the best shape either. A fresh coat of paint can make an instant improvement to your home.

If you have any chipped tiles, you should replace them to ensure everything looks good and make sure your carpets are clean too. If you feel like there’s an area or room that needs its flooring replaced, then consider looking into wood-laminate for a more cost-effective, yet good looking, option.

Go Green

Making your home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly is not only good for the planet and your bank account, but it’s also a great way to increase the value of your house. With energy costs continually on the rise, more energy-efficient homes are becoming more appealing to potential buyers.

In order to make your house more energy efficient, you can replace all your light bulbs with LED bulbs, use solar powered lights in your garden and install solar panels and a solar geyser.

Upgrade The Entrance

Having a statement entrance door helps to create a great first impression of your house. The front door is the first part of your house that people notice and having a nice looking front door will give the impression that the rest of your house is up to scratch as well.

The area around your front door should also look good so make sure any furniture or plants around that area are well maintained and looked after.

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