Want to stick to your travel budget? Read this

Want to stick to your travel budget- Read this

While on a vacation, having fun is the most important thing of all. But we all know if the budget slips the entire fun goes for a toss. Sometimes you just flow with time and get lost, and when you come back home empty pockets, all of us are sent for guilt trips. So, it’s best to stick to your budget as closely as you can. And trust me, it is not as difficult as you think it is. A few tricks and techniques combined with a little care, and your budget will be on point all throughout.

Read on to unfold the top 5 tricks, that is sure to help you save big time.

   1. Don’t bother about toiletries

Every hotel provides you with towels, shampoo, conditioner, and other basic toiletries for your daily life. There’s no harm in carrying your own, but in my opinion, it’s a complete waste of resources. Since the cost of toiletries is already included in the hotel rent. Apart from that, it will also save the extra cost of buying your own toiletries. And maybe now you can fit those extra pair of shoes that exactly matches your favorite dress!

   2. Utilize the ‘smart’ in smartphone

How? Check out the list of travel apps, install them on your smartphone and it will easily help you locate discounts and offers at the places of your interest. For instance, some apps like Groupon provide discount offers on a few restaurants and cafes which you can be redeemed in return for discounted meals. On a vacation, most of your meals are either on the streets or in restaurants – so why not pick places that can help you save some cash? Other offers can be happy hours, one on one, and some other special deals. And trust me, you just need to feed in the address of your current stay, and in minutes you will get a list of restaurants with discounted serves.

   3. Consider car subscriptions

If you are travelling to big cities, or among the hills, or anywhere else car subscriptions save you big time – both economically and physically. The public transportation system might be really polished, but it becomes very difficult to manage the travel routine time-to-time. Plus, when you have luggage with you, car subscription services are a different ballgame altogether. First, because you are new to this place and second, you just can’t blindly rely on everyone and anyone. The reason why ‘renting’ cars helps you escape all the above problems. However, only if you are wise, and rent the right car, from the right service provider, it can prove to be a great money-savior decision.

   4. Don’t forget your research

Every tourist place has a website nowadays. I am sure you must have a few destination places in mind that you are sure to visit, it’s always wise to research the weather conditions, timing and accessibility beforehand from their websites. It will not only help you save money but also prevent time drainage. Museums, zoos, and other places of interest, for instance, have free visiting hours, when you don’t need to pay any entrance fee. Some also have a free entrance for students, so if you are aware of it beforehand, you can avoid the extra charges.

   5. Carry your student IDs and other IDs with yourself

We all know that your student IDs, military IDs, and some other special identifications help you get discounts and offers at public places. This special concession is applicable all across the globe. So it’s in your best interest if you carry all the identifications with you, especially the ones that can help you gauge special discounts. There’s no harm in carrying them for identity verification and other purposes. However, it is highly advisable to not leave them anywhere without your supervision, for instance, locked in hotel rooms when you are enjoying your trip.

Apart from these five pointers, there are many other ways that can help you save money. You just need to be smart. For instance, some people also carry their own groceries on their vacation and cook their own food, likewise saving the extra expense on restaurants. In the chaos of saving money, don’t forget to enjoy. Vacations are time-off from your daily mundane routine, make the full use of it.

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