Veg Out: 4 Zen Bedroom Ideas

zen bedroom ideas

Bedrooms should be a relaxing, calm environment for you. Not only does a serene space help you get a better night’s rest, but improves how you function during the day!

Temperature, noise level, and light are all elements of a calming bedroom. But it can be hard knowing where to start reimagining your special space. If you’re in search of zen bedroom ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Recreating your bedroom doesn’t have to cost much at all, especially if you’re looking to go zen.

Ready to revamp your room? Check out these four peaceful bedroom ideas!

  1. Light up Your Life

Part of making a zen bedroom is lighting. This can happen on a budget, so don’t worry!

If you are a fan of natural light, open up your shades in the morning. At night, turn on your properly placed lamps to balance out the lighting in your room.

You don’t necessarily have to go with basic lamps, so if you’re in search of something a little more decorative, check out these lamp shade finials from Oriental Lamp Shade.

Finials can be used to up the vibe of an old lamp, and provide your space with a pop of color.

  1. Clear the Clutter

When you’re thinking of calming bedroom ideas, it’s important to think about clutter. Did you know that a cluttered space can cause sleeping problems?

If your bedroom is already cluttered, you may not feel at peace in your space. De-cluttering your room is part of ensuring zen vibes. Once you remove the physical “stuff” around your bedroom, you might notice a better night’s sleep.

Additional de-cluttering benefits include a clear focus and a sanctuary-like space!

  1. Neutralize Negativity

Does your bedroom align with your ideal environment? Do you feel comfortable in your sleep space, or do things in your room cause you to feel on edge?

It’s so important to remove any negative symbols from your bedroom if you’re shooting for a truly serene space. When you take the time to clear any items that don’t enhance your zen vibes, you’re creating the right place for you.

  1. Have Fun With Furniture

Think about the zen bedroom ideas that pique your interest the most. Do those ideas depict themselves with lots of funky furniture? What about sleek, modern furniture?

When recreating your room, be sure to have fun with furniture. After all, this is your space! But if you desire a zen zone, consider choosing low-profile furniture that is close to the ground.

Looking at low-profile furniture, especially in a sleeping space, can bring about feelings of groundedness.

Zen Bedroom Ideas You Can Do

These four zen bedroom ideas are for anyone! Taking these steps will guide you in creating a peaceful, serene sleeping sanctuary.

Keep in mind that you’re known to receive better sleep by seeking out zen vibes and feel more productive during the day. It’s definitely worth remodeling your room and making it into the space you deserve!

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Zen Bedroom Ideas You Can Do

Ten ways to bring Zen into your home

Zen is not so much a design style, but rather a method to arrange your home and create an atmosphere that reduces stress and invites calmness. If you aim for a Zen home, the following tips will be a great source of inspiration.

1.      Pick earthy colors

A Zen-inspired home is all about natural colors, in soft tones, such as grey, white, shades of pink, beige and beige. They induce a sense of calmness and relaxation. Chromatic harmony between various elements is crucial, and so is the visual continuity between furniture, walls, and floors. You can add contour to a monochrome room with a dominant color and matching objects. Add textured textiles in white with moleskin or beige with rosewood. You can combine two matching colors or use various shades of your favorite color to create more diversity.

2.      Go with natural and light fabrics

Fabrics also have to follow the principle of natural, comfortable, and light feeling. The curtains play an essential role with Zen décor as they create the privacy you want for your home. They can also block air draughts and decrease noise. Pick curtains made of wool, linen, or bunting wool and make sure to match them with the other elements in the room. Opt to add some blinds to adjust the light throughout the day. Don’t forget to choose the most appropriate fixation systems—high-quality rods to sustain the weight of your curtains are crucial.

3.      Choose comfy rugs and flooring

Wooden flooring and parquet are great at creating comfort at your feet. Greyish, white, and light-colored flooring look exquisite. You can try colored parquet, but make sure that it matches the rest of your room. Some people go with resin floor finishing as it’s comfortable and modern.

As for rugs, wool models are the no1. choice when it comes to comfort at your feet. They are expensive and require regular maintenance. Don’t be afraid to play with materials and combine cotton rugs with wool models. Remember to pick rugs that match the floor’s color and limit to khaki, grey, and moleskin.

4.      Opt for natural and straightforward furniture

Zen-style furniture stands out with straight lines, so stay away from models with intricate ornaments and sophisticated details. Spend the extra buck on high-quality furniture made of natural materials as they invite warmth and relaxation. You can give the storage pieces (chests of drawers, closets, and cupboards) a new look and paint them in colors that match the room’s décor. With most homeowners looking to have a Zen bedroom, we give you some suggestions for bedroom furniture.

  • Don’t use many decorative items for the bed. Stick to mohair/fleece/wool covers and throws, and don’t overdo it with the pillows. Pick pillows that you can choose for several things (sleeping, reading, etc.) instead of using several pillows for just one thing.
  • Put your bed close to a source of natural light. Don’t put it in front of a passage area or door. Pick a comfortable height for the bed and get upholstered, patchwork, or leather headboards.
  • Have an essential armchair for reading and make sure that it has clean and simple lines.
  • Use nightstands that match the décor and don’t stand out.

5.      Use soft and natural light

Make your home as relaxing as possible by replacing the fluorescent lights with relaxing and nature-inspired candle lights. Opt for installing several sources of lights so that you efficiently adjust the intensity and areas you illuminate. Instead of having intense light coming down from the ceiling, mix it with a floor lamp, indirect light, and a lamp set. Have wall-mounted reading lights near the bed instead of less flexible bedside lamps. If you enjoy diffused light, you can use some pretty and nicely scented candles.

6.      Use the natural scents

Some soy/beeswax candles, essential oils, and homemade linen sprays are some of the many natural ways to make your home more welcoming and comfortable. You can use lavender oil to have a relaxing vibe in the bedroom before you go to sleep. In the morning, opt for fresh smells to boost your energy.

7.      Make it calm with green plants

The soothing green colors of plants make a spare calming and relaxing. They do it because they release oxygen. We don’t recommend you have flowers as they require constant maintenance and even produce disturbing scents. Hanging terrariums and bonsai trees are some of the plants that are specific to Zen décor.

8.      Limit the number of electronic devices

Electronic devices can alter our calmness and you should avoid having them in your home as much as possible. We know that it’s not possible, but you should at least place them in discrete areas or even hide them in specially made cupboards. Also, hide cables and wires as they alter the serene space you’re trying to create.

9.      Stay away from mirrors

In Zen décor, mirrors can make you feel restless as they propagate energy. Interestingly enough, studies revealed that mirrors could make one feel anxious and stressed. Even if mirrors have their utility in a home, you should definitely remove them from the bedroom, kitchen, and living room. If not possible, at least place them behind closed doors or in the bathroom.

10.  Use stylish storage

A clutter-free space is crucial for Zen design and it’s challenging to achieve it when you have too many things to organize. Art supplies, paper, laundry, makeup, etc., need proper and efficient storage space. Stop using trash cans in rooms where you don’t necessarily need them. Free up the floor space and use built-in/ pull-out garbage and recycling bins. Use lovely baskets and containers for your office and cleaning supplies and look for creative and basic options to store the hair and beauty products.

Even though it’s impossible not to use boxes for storage, you should look for the models that work with the clean and straightforward Zen design the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Zen come from?

Zen goes back to India, but it was China that formalized it. Chan, as people in China call it, took it to Japan. Zen has rooted there in the thirteen century.

What is a Zen life?

Clarity defines most of the Zen life. It’s about searching beyond the materials and discovering our values as persons. Zen is about being alive and able to focus on one’s natural being. Zen life shows the path to freedom and relates to meditation.

What is a Zen room?

Zen is about simplicity as an art form and an intense way of life. A Zen home is relaxing, visually appealing, and well-balanced. It invites meditation and calming lifestyle.

Can you have a Zen garden?

The Japanese rock gardens, “dry landscapes,” are also known as Zen gardens. They create a miniature stylized landscape through rocks. The arrangements are carefully put together and include pruned trees and bushes, moss, water features, gravel, and sand to work as ripples in the water.

Is there such thing as a Zen theme?

In Japanese, Zen refers to meditation. Therefore, in interior design, Zen is about harmony, balance, and relaxation. Zen isn’t a design style per se and doesn’t come with strict rules. However, it’s often associated with simplicity, minimalism, and the cleanest lines.

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