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At the beginning of a kitchen remodeling project, the chances are high that you want to change your existing kitchen model. To facilitate to change your kitchen sink, you need to know different types of kitchen sink on the market. Being informative on kitchen sink types will help you to pick the correct model that will suit your requirements and personal taste. Let’s know different types of kitchen sink

Different kitchen sink types

Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sink is an essential part of a kitchen. It is because activities related to prior food preparation like washing take place in the kitchen sink. So, the sink needs to be fully functional. The sink also needs to be appealing.

The kitchen sink can be classified according to different categories like styles, designs, materials, and configurations. In each category, there are different types of the kitchen sink. Let’s discuss each category separately.

Materials used

Kitchen sinks are manufactured using different types of materials. Below is a list of sink that belongs to the material category:

  • Stainless steel
  • Composite
  • Cast Iron
  • Fireclay
  • Bamboo

Stainless Steel

As the name suggests, this type of sink is made of stainless steel. This type of sink is the most popular type of sink on the market. According to market research on sink manufacturing, 70% of the sink are made of stainless steel. This type of sink is lightweight and easy to install.

Stainless steel sink is noisier than other types of the sink. They tend to dent overtime. But the positive side of stainless steel sink is they are more heat and rust resistant.


Composite sink type of made of a mixture of granite and quartz stone. Granite and quartz stones are crushed together to make a mixture. Quartz and granite mixture is then used to manufacture the composite sink. This type of sink can withstand more heat.

Cast Iron

This type of sink is made of cast iron and has a porcelain enamel layer over the sink as a finishing material. Cast Iron type is quite a heavy sink. They are superbly scratch resistant. But they are also costly. Besides, due to their heavyweight, you need to place support beneath the sink bowl as support while setting up a cast iron sink in order to prevent them from falling.


Fireclay is a material that is created by fusing clay and glaze together. The Fusing process is an extensive method. Both clay and glaze are treated over 1600 degree Celsius. Under this extensive high temperature, both materials fused together and produced a new ceramic material that is highly durable. Sinks made of fireclay are strong and sturdy.


Wood materials are not used to manufacture sink because they are porous and susceptible to damage easily. But bamboo wood is becoming a popular choice to make the sink. It is because bamboo wood is non-porous and thick. They are also capable of better water handling capability. Furthermore, the sink made of the bamboo wood is scratch resistant. So, many manufacturers are turning into bamboo wood.


Kitchen sink type based on Configuration is as follows:

  • Single-bowl
  • Double-bowl
  • Double Offset

Single bowl

This type features the simplest design-just one bowl and one drain

Double bowl

The double bowl sink comes with two separate bowls of the same size. They also have two separate drains

Double offset

This type of sink is quite similar to a double bowl sink. But the only difference is one bowl is slightly larger than the other bowl.

Style and design

Under this category, you will get below type of kitchen sink

  • Farmhouse
  • Under-mount
  • Flush mount
  • Bar sink
  • Corner sink
  • Island
  • Prep-sink
  • Self-rimming
  • Quartz


Another name for a farmhouse sink is apron sink. This type of sink extends to the edge kitchen counter. They are mostly used in a rustic farmhouse or traditional house and this is where they have adopted this name. They can either designed to the double or single bowl type.

The farmhouse sink is becoming popular because there is an increasing popularity farmhouse interior design among mass people. This type of sink is made of fireclay or cast iron. So, they are highly durable, and cleaning them is quite easy. One good advantage of a farmhouse sink is they come with deep basin. So, they are ideal for big families. But the downside is farmhouse sink is expensive.


The under-mount sink is installed below the counter. The advantage of under-mount sink is it offers a clean look to your kitchen and match with most kitchen design. They not only offer a sleek look to your kitchen, the under mount type also help you to keep your kitchen clean easily since debris can directly be flushed out into the drain without being caught up on the rim. However, you cannot install a sink made of fireclay or cast iron as an under-mount sink because of the weighty structure.

Flush Mount

The design of a flush mount sink is more like a double bowl sink. The usefulness of the flush mount sink is they are easy to maintain germ-free.

Bar Sink

Bar sinks are smaller and shallower than the regular type. They are installed in your house wet bar. They come with a single bowl. Bar sink is great for preparing a drink. They are quite useful if you have a family consists of many members and need to arrange a party quite often.

Corner Sink

A corner sink is a double bowl sink. They are installed at the corner of your kitchen counter. Installing a corner sink helps to maximize your counter space. However, installing them is difficult and expensive.


The kitchen island is a table or counter placed inside the kitchen. The Island is used to eat food or read books. Installing a sink in the Kitchen Island can aid in your food preparation. Having a sink in the Island also enhances the décor of your kitchen.


A prep sink is useful when you need to prepare a series of dishes. They are also useful to clean a lot of glasses. Prep-sink can be used as a bar sink too.


Self-rimming sink attaches to the main counter using a broad border. This type of sink creates a distinctive look to your kitchen.


Quartz sink is ideal for installing on the larger countertop. They are the most durable type.


As you can see from the above discussion, there are different types of sink out there. They come in different styles, shapes, materials, and price ranges. We expect our above review will help you understand various types of the kitchen sink.

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