16 Types of Dining Chairs to Perfectly Enhance Your Décor

16 Types of Dining Chairs to Perfectly Enhance Your Décor

Most of the focus is on the table when it comes to decorating the dining room. Many homeowners leave the chair as an afterthought, sometimes causing problems. You must know that getting suitable dining chairs is as vital as buying the perfect table. Continue reading to learn about the 16 types of dining chairs you can use to enhance your decor.


These chairs have been classified based on their designs, materials, frames and styles. Starting with designs, check out these dining chair forms you can use in your home.


Armchairs are comfortable for dining, with armrests that allow you to be relaxed while eating. When it comes to comfort, these chairs are the best for dining.

Side Chairs

Side chairs are the most common dining chairs as they are very convenient to use in the dining room. You can simply tuck them under the table when not in use.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs may not be your go-to for everyday dining, but they are great additions when additional people join you for dinner.

Parsons Chairs

Parsons chairs are now being used in the dining room as in every other room in a home. The versatility of these chairs makes them a top option for many families.


The material is also a significant differentiator between the types of dining chairs available. You can check the standard materials and see which one you prefer most.

Wood Chairs

Wood chairs are standard in dining rooms, especially as it is the most common material for side chairs.

Metal Chairs

Metal is a standard dining chair material. The chairs are comfortable as they are flat and in shapes that allow diners to relax into it while eating.

Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered chairs are like armchairs because they give the utmost comfort when used in the dining room.

Leather Chairs

Leather chairs are not only found in the living room. They also make comfortable dining chairs, especially if you prefer a luxurious style.

Plastic Chairs

Plastic makes great dining chairs for a family as they have more tendencies of food spillage and scratches.

Plastic Chairs

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Like the materials, dining chairs also come in different frames—the frame matters in differentiating dining chairs because it contributes to the outlook and style.


If you want a retro look in your dining room, you can choose chairs with a wicker frame.


Wooden frames are familiar sights in dining rooms, especially in the chairs.


Metal frames give solid support and a stylish look to your dining chairs.


The last categorisation is style. Dining chairs have evolved over the centuries. Some styles went out of trend while others are still in use. Check the top dining chair styles you can incorporate into your home decor.


Traditional dining chairs are minimalistic and classic in whatever material or frame they come in.


Contemporary dining chairs have unusual designs like low and curved backs.


Modern dining chairs come in a mix of materials and colours. They have tall backs that are curved for depth and comfort.


If your general home decor follows the farm or cabin style, rustic dining chairs will perfectly complement it.


Dining chairs are best bought with the table to achieve a cohesive look. You can stick with one type strictly or make the setting more enjoyable with a few different dining chairs at your table.

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