TV Antenna Repairs – Reception Problems – Television Antenna Solutions

TV Antenna Repairs - Reception Problems - Television Antenna Solutions

DTH Antennas were meant to give you uninterrupted television service but any problems in those devices and in the reception signals can be highly frustrating. When you are watching your favorite show or series and suddenly you lose the connection, you look forward to fixing the issue instantaneously.

The reasons for the improper reception signals can be many and there exist solutions too but you can fix them only if you are aware of them. Troubleshooting Australian TV antennas can be made easy by hiring professionals or you can do it by yourself if you have sufficient knowledge. Read the blog underneath to get all the information.

Reasons for Interruption in Reception Signals in TV Antennas and its Solution

To receive the signals in your antenna you must first consider the basic things like the antenna is properly installed and connected. The mode on your TV is set to Antenna mode and then if you run a channel scan then you are able to see some of the local and global channels if not all. If all these settings are complete and still you face certain issues then you can check up on the following causes of interruption:

  • The line of Sight must be clear and with no interruption in between. If your geographic location has hills and trees in between the broadcasting tower and antenna then you must find a way to clear the obstruction. It can be done by placing your antenna at an increased height so that it can provide you with uninterrupted services.
  • Proper Use of Cable, it is important to check for the cable periodically. If you do not do that there may be the chances that you have lost the reception signal due to considerable loss of signal strength in the coaxial cable. The cable may be corroded or the connection may be lost or you might be using a splitter. To fix the issue replace the cable and make use of a strong, stable, standard and approved direct cable to your TV.
  • Make use of an Amplifier, if you suffer from minor or momentary interruptions. The amplifier can considerably stabilize the signals coming out from your antenna.
  • Length of the Coaxial Cable, must not be very long. If the cable connecting antenna and the tuner are more than 100 feet of length then it is possible that you lose one-third of the signal strength. But you can overcome this issue or completely avoid it from occurring if you make use of a preamplifier. Also, make sure you do not make use of a splitter in such cases and a direct wire is used.
  • The signal may also break if you are at a distance more than 70 miles from the broadcast tower. The curvature of the earth can support only the distance up to 70 miles. To get the unbroken signal at a longer distance than desired you have to make use of appropriate instruments.
  • If you have all the things fixed perfectly but still there exist interruption in the signals make sure you do not have your antenna connected near any metal objects, other antennas can cause frequency overlap.
  • There also may exist interruption in the signals because of the TV. If you have a model TV before 2007 then it is not supported with inbuilt Digital Tuner and you can see frozen or broken images. It happens only with the analog signals. In such cases, you have to make use of an additional digital tuner or converter.

Bottom Line:

The blog above is a complete guide to make you aware of the problems causing an interruption in reception of signals. If you take care of these things you can enjoy your TV without any breakage or hindrance and smoothly.

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