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Tricks for Taking Care of Your Commercial Door Locks

Tricks for Taking Care of Your Commercial Door Locks
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All the organizations or business have a lot of responsibilities, especially the companies who have a lot of clients and customers. That’s why it is quite difficult to think about your establishment’s, doors and locks condition. It is the doors which keep the criminals out of your establishment. If those doors get weaken, then you might be leaving all your major assets vulnerable.

If compared, you will find commercial doors area used much frequently than the residential doors. As the door locks are used regularly, with time they can develop different issues. You might be thinking that commercial door locks are designed to last for a long period and they will never develop problems. Well, that is not true. All the commercial door locks require regular maintenance to work perfectly.

Otherwise, you can encounter serious problems. When you notice any issue with your locks that need to be addressed by a professional locksmith. Even if you want to upgrade or replace the door locks, you can take the help of these experts. Besides, they can offer you some useful tips to maintain the locks. So, here are those tips following which you can maintain your commercial door locks.

Remember to provide regular maintenance

If you are not providing the locks daily maintenance, then don’t expect the locks to last for a longer period. The locks require regular maintenance. However, if you notice any issues with the locks, don’t hesitate to get the locks repaired by Top Atlanta Locksmith as soon as possible. Damaged door locks will not repair themselves. Inspect your locks time to time and fix them if they have any problem.

Treat the door locks gently

It is true that you can’t manage how the visitors use the door, but you can manage how you and your office staffs use the door and the locks. Don’t force a key to turn if the key is not turning. It can damage the lock system. Kicking your doors while going outside or coming inside can also damage the lock as well as the door. Treat your door gently, and you can save money on its repair.

Don’t forget about lubrication

Why you change your car oil every 3 to 5 months? Because it keeps your car engine healthy by removing grime, dirt and other contaminants. Lubrication of locks should be done at the same frequency. Without lubrication, the lock will not operate smoothly. So, lubricate the commercial door locks at least twice a year. You can take help of a locksmith in Douglasville for this if you don’t know the process. Professional locksmiths prefer to use Teflon or graphite lubricant for lubrication. Apply lubrication to bolt, hinges and the latch.

Timely change the batteries

If you are using an electronic door lock, you should change the batteries on a fixed schedule. This way you can prevent locks damage. Change the battery at least once a year. While checking, check the batteries for corrosion or leaks. If the battery leaks, it can damage the locking mechanism of the lock system. The locksmith in Douglasville can assist you in this.

Check the hardware

If the looks are wiggling while unlocking, then they are loose. Loose door locks should be repaired immediately as it poses security and safety threats.


Appropriate placement of the doors

The different factors associated with a commercial door lock also come into account when considering their appropriate maintenance. The function of a lock is dependent on the way the door is installed and its preparation for the lock. The lack of appropriate placement or design of the door could be responsible for higher stress on the latch or bolt of the lock that can sometimes lead to occupants being locked outside of the room.

Focus on screws and strike plates of the door

The next significant factor that can be taken into consideration for commercial door maintenance is to verify the screws and strike plates of the doors. It is recommended that one screw guarding the top hinge to the frame of the door should be long enough for providing connection between the door and the wall framing that surrounds the door. Adding a longer screw to each hinge can help in prevention of sagging and improving the break-in resistance and it is recommended that the screws should be almost three inches.

Door Lock

Keeping the deadlatch and deadbolt in place

The correct functioning of a deadbolt or a deadlatch is essential to ensure proper maintenance of commercial door locks. The deadlatch or the small plunger that is found on the flat side of the latch should never fall inside the strike plate. Deadlatch is a crucial feature for security in modern locks and it is essential for proper alignment of the deadlatch with the strike plate. If the deadlatch is broken or binding then it can lead to lock failures. Furthermore, it is also essential to observe that upon closing the door the deadbolt shall also operate without obstruction.

The external maintenance for commercial door locks should be kept simple and it is essential not to go overboard while cleaning the locks. The recommended material to clean up door locks is a mild detergent while a damp rag could also be just fine to get the locks cleaned!

Always hire experts for door lock repair and replacement work

If you think your door locks have some issues or damaged, then give a call to the experts. Only Top Atlanta Locksmith can help you find an affordable and durable solution. Follow the lock care maintenance tricks mentioned above and keep the door and locks working for years.

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