Travels Put On Hold? How To Bring Your Wanderlust Home

bring home special places

People who are born to travel are having quite a hard time during this pandemic. Yes, things could be worse, but for those that live to wander it is hard to not be able to move about.

The different flavors, the colors and meeting fantastic people of different cultures is intoxicating and when you can’t experience it, you end up going through withdrawals. Staycations can be fun and more than what you expected, but it still isn’t quite the same.

The thing to do is to create an atmosphere in your home that conjures up the travels you’ve done in the past or hope to do. Much like a travel journal, your actual home can be a daily reminder of your travels.

Here are some tips to keep you going until your next big adventure.

1 – Decorate it

 Maybe you can trick your brain into thinking you are actually away when you come home. Whatever your ideal travel destination is will surely provide some inspiration to decorate your house.

For instance, if you love the Alps, then you can hang some wonderful cuckoo clocks that will bring you right back to your time spent in Switzerland. Or, if you can’t get enough of Morocco, then using colorful tiles and fountains in your home will create an atmosphere of a souk.

Even hanging some paintings or photographs of the places you’ve visited will put a smile on your face when you look at them. After all, travel is all about the memories and anything that conjures them up for you is always welcome.

2 – Cook the cuisine

Traveling is all about the different flavors you encounter when you are in a different country. That pasta you had in the shadow of the Colosseum, the paella on the coast of Spain and the curry you had by the river Ganges were all unforgettable.

You can recreate those meals at home and enjoy the next best thing. All you need to do is a little research online or in a cookbook and then get the ingredients.

Make it a theme and cook all week in your favorite destination’s cuisine. You should definitely do this if you are on vacation but unable to travel at that time so you can keep your mind off of the fact while you are cooking.

3 – Find the scent

Smells are very powerful reminders that can instantly take you back to a moment in time. Smell memories are definitely a thing so you should seek out some of the smells of your various trips.

Cooking the food is a start, but you can also try to find soaps and even potpourri. For instance, if the Amalfi Coast is the locale of your favorite vacation or where you got engaged, then using lemons to scent the air will bring you right back to the market you wandered through in Sorrento.

And the smell of the tomatoes and basil as you cook your favorite meal you had while there will certainly seal the deal.

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