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Saudi Arabia, also known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is situated in the Western part of Asia comprising of the big part of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia stands to be the Western Asian largest sovereign state with the means of geography, it stands second largest among the Arabian countries, and fifth largest in the Asia. Position of Saudi Arabia internationally is dependent on the revenue of its petroleum. The culture and traditions being practices in Saudi Arabia are centuries-old and has their origin from Arab civilization. The main influential factors in the culture of Saudi are Bedouin and Islamic heritage. Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state and observes the religion on strict ruling. The country approves Visa to Saudi Arabia of the huge number of Muslims from across the globe and welcome them for performing their religious ritual at the Holy Place of Makkah and Madinah. Saudi Arabia is an important city to all Muslims as it has gained importance due to the situation of Makkah in the city.

Apart from that, people also come to visit other cities. In 2018, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) reported that the country makes up 9% of its economy by means of Travel and Tourism, which is equal to $65.2 billion. Makkah, Madinah, Madain Saleh, Riyadh and Yanbu are the top four places to visit in Saudi. Here we’ll have a glance upon tourist sites, of Saudi Arabia:


1. Riyadh:


Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh – the largest city in the Arabian Peninsula houses population of 7.6 million people. Economically, Riyadh is the important city of Saudi Arabia. In the 1940s, Riyadh was not a popular city and was relatively narrow, but now it has developed itself to a spacious metropolitan city. The city is worth visiting. It is rich in its landmark and architecture. One of the main locality to visit in Riyadh is Vernacular Architecture of old Riyadh. The archeological sites in Riyadh are of immense importance. Municipality of Riyad is one of such sites – it is comprised of five old gates in the old walls of Riyadh. The names of these gates are: Thumaira, Dukhna, Al Suwailen, Al Madhbah and Shumaisi. The other historical sites in Riyadh include Musmak Palace, Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Rehman, Al Murabb Palace and Shamsiya Palace. The city also has some other fascinating sites, including Masmak Fortress and Turaif district. As Riyadh is a metropolitan city, it houses many modernly built towers and hotels – Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski being the tallest skyscraper in the city.


2. Makkah



Makkah, also spells as Mecca is situated in the region of Hejazi in Saudi Arabia. It receives millions of visitors and their numbers swell during the month of Dhul Hijjah. The city is of immense importance to the Muslims across the world because it is the birthplace of the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is the holiest city in Islam, where the cave is situated. In this cave, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) recieved his first revelation of Quran and a pilgrimage namely Umrah (throughout the year) and Hajj (once in a year) are performed in Makkah. Makkah is home of Kaaba and Muslims pray their obligatory prayers by directing towards Kaaba. The Kaaba is located in Al-Haram Mosque, which is the largest mosque in the world. The city is expanding and many new buildings have been constructed. The tall tower – Abraj Al Bait Towers are built aside of the street in the vicinity of mosque Al Haram. Years back, there was Ajyad Fortress, which has now been demolished due to construction of these towers. This in turn also evoked the dispute between two countries: Saudi Arabia and Turkey.


3. Madinah


Madinah or Medina, is the capital city of region Al Madinah. This city is famous for its heart – Al Masjif an Nabawi (The Prophet’s Mosque), where the last prohet Muhammad (pbuh) is burried. The city has great history of Islam. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) migrated from Mecca to Madinah. Three famous mosques are situated in this city, namely: Al Masjid un Nabawi, Masjid Al-Qiblatayn and Quba Mosque. According to the beliefs of Muslims, the last verses of the Qur’an were revealed in Madinah, hence named as Medanian Surahs, as the ones revealed in Makkah are Meccan Surahs. In Madinah, visitors from across the globe come to pray at the mosque of Al Nabawi. They also do not miss to visit landmarks like the tomb of Muhammad (pbuh) and Al Baqi cemetery. Al Baqi cemetery is the burial place of daughter of Muhammad (pbuh) – Fatimah, Al Hassan (Fatimah’s son) and many other companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Another interesting site in Madinah is Quba Mosque – it is one of the main destinations of the visitors and is the first most mosque, built after spread of Islam. A mountain, 1077 m high is situated at the north of Madinah, known as Mount Uhud. The location where Batter of Uhud took place is known as: Shuhadah’a Uhud Square. The site includes archer’s mountain. In Madinah, there is also a museum, known as Al Madinah Museum, it has many archeological collections featuring different hisotrical and heritage related visual galleries and images – that reflects history of Madinah.

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4. Yanbu


Yanbu is also known as Yanbu’ al Bahr, Yanbu, Yambo or yenbo. In the province Al Madinah, it is the major Red Sea port. This city houses foreign expatriates and many local residence that mainly work on refieneries related to oil and petrol. People among them are mainly from Asia, and rest are from Europe and North America. This city is also a tourists destination, and is mainly famous for its industrial part. Interestingly, the beach also is used for scuba-diving, that many tourists prefer. Many tourists relax and enjoy the sea shores or can also have their best time by swimming.

To cut a long story short, Saudi Arabia is one of the most interesting country to read about, to know about and to visit, as it contains has the origin of religion Islam and is one of the strong countries of Middle East in economy. Happy visiting!

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