Top tips for buying a new build home

Buying a new home is not the easiest thing. This process is time-consuming. After all, you need to deal with each item to choose the right house. The main thing to remember when buying a new build home is that the process should not be spontaneous and emotional. Before deciding on a particular residential complex, look at as many options as possible, pay attention to price dynamics and the general state of the primary real estate market. In this article, you can find the main tips to buy a house a new build home.

Are You Financially Ready to Buy a Home?

Before considering buying a home, you need to approach it consciously. It’s best to pay off all your debts or save some money. Indeed, the process of buying a home requires you to be fully prepared, both morally and financially. Just pay your attention to questions to ask when buying a new build house:

  • Is your work stable enough?
  • Do you have a “safety cushion” in case of loss of a source of income?
  • What share of the salary are you willing to give for monthly payments?

Answering these questions, you will have an understanding of how much you are financially ready to buy a new home. Then you can move to other tips for buying houses. 

The Benefits of New Build Homes

Thinking about the question of how to buy a new home in a new building, it is necessary to take into account both the positive and negative characteristics of the transaction. It is worth saying that the advantages of this matter are much greater. The most important is the social status of the object. Buying a new apartment, in a newly built house, the likelihood that your neighbors will be people belonging to the lower layers of the population is minimal.

Another advantage is that the facilities are built following modern technologies. They are equipped with new means of communication and elevators, including those designed for cargo. Due to the fact that the building materials used in construction are new, it can be assumed that in the coming decades there will be no problems with sewage, breakdown of the elevator, and so on. 

Problems and Pitfalls of New Build Homes

In addition to the advantages of new buildings, there are certain disadvantages to buying new buildings. Due to the fact that the facility was only recently built, there may be problems associated with the operation of sewage and electricity, due to the completion of repair work. Also, the infrastructure in a fully constructed area may not be developed. You will probably come across the fact that in the daytime, your neighbors will make repairs, thereby interfering quite a lot. However, all these problems are resolved over time and it is impossible to say that they are critical. Also, repairs will be done not only by your neighbors but also by yourself. Thus, for them, it will be no less a problem than for you.

Go house hunting

In order to find the right apartment, it is important to carefully consider each option in the real estate market. You can visit the page of iNew-Homes –, and find the list of new build homes. Each investor has his/her preferences, for someone the price will be the most important parameter of choice, for someone – the location. Determine which criteria are most important to you, and thus make a shortlist of suitable new buildings. At the next stage, you can already proceed to the study of reviews and reviews on selected homes. Most often in social networks and city forums, you will find a discussion of the parameters you are interested in.

Remember! The process of buying a new home from the builder should be well-prepared. Check everything before making the decision! 

Watch out for warranties

Usually, over the next 10 years, the completion of the NHBC field and similar guarantees are supported by investors. However, our advice is to completely distrust the NHBC. After all, there are situations when you need to file a lawsuit to fix the error, and NHBC and similar guarantees bypass the liability payment process in every way. Please note that in your contract the decisive right was on your side, so it will be easier and faster for you to solve any problems associated with developers.

Get a home inspection

This item takes place when you will already decide to buy your new home. In this step, you will make an agreement of purchase. This paragraph is the conclusion of all those difficult steps that are indicated above. This paragraph means that you need to study the contract well. Each item should be studied in detail, so that in cases of which you had protection.

You can do a Home Inspection. That is, using professional services, you should evaluate the house. Do not skip this point, as the only way you can find any flaws and structural problems. Home Inspection helps you make your purchase decision.

As for Appraisal, if you are considering a mortgage, your lender will ask you for a property assessment. Further, in cases of a positive result, your lender will conduct an analysis also before issuing the Final Mortgage Approval.


As you understand, buying a new build home process is not fast. Before such an important step, you need to be fully prepared. These tips for buying a new home will help you to choose the right home and make a decision about the purchase. You can find more houses to buy on the page of iNew-Homes –

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