Top 10 Replacement Windows Types You Should Know About

Top Replacement Windows Types You Should Know About

Have the same windows been standing strong in your home for more than 20 years now? If so, it’s probably time for you to rip them out and replace them with new ones.

But before you start putting in replacement windows in your home, it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with the different replacement windows types. There are so many window types that homeowners can choose from in this day and age.

You’re more than welcome to use the same types of windows all throughout your home. But you can also mix and match window types as you see fit if you would like.

Either way, it would be well worth your time to learn about the different types of windows. Check out ten replacement windows types below and figure out which ones might be right for your specific home.

  1. Single-Hung Windows

When you think about the windows that hang in a home, single-hung windows are probably some of the first windows that come to mind. These windows feature two sashes, including one sash that you can move up and down based on whether you want a window open or closed.

These days, you can find single-hung windows made out of all kinds of different materials. There are vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and even aluminum single-hung windows that you can invest in for your home.

There is a pretty good chance that you’re going to have at least a few single-hung windows installed in your home. They’ll be some of the first windows that you’ll want to consider for it.

  1. Double-Hung Windows

For a long time, single-hung windows reigned supreme in most homes. But nowadays, there are also double-hung windows that have become a very attractive option for those installing replacement windows.

Double-hung windows will look just like single-hung windows to the naked eye. The only difference between them and single-hung windows is that both of their sashes are operable, meaning that you can move each of them up and down if you want.

This will provide you with an opportunity to improve the circulation in your home by opening both the top and bottom sashes on double-hung windows at one time. It’ll also usually make it easier to keep double-hung windows clean.

  1. Sliding Windows

While single-hung and double-hung windows open and close vertically, sliding windows are designed to open horizontally. When you want to open or close a sliding window, you’ll slide the sashes for them to the left or right.

One of the big benefits of sliding windows is that they’ll typically be much easier for people to close, especially when those people are on the younger or older side. It won’t take much effort at all to open or close these windows.

Sliding windows also tend to be a whole lot safer to open and close than single-hung or double-hung windows. You won’t have to worry about anyone slamming their fingers shut when you have sliding windows installed throughout your home.

  1. Casement Windows

You might be under the impression that the only ways to open and close windows are by either sliding them up and down or by sliding them to the left and right. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! And casement windows are here to prove it.

Casement windows have hinges that run alongside one of their vertical sides that allow them to open and close just like doors do. When you turn the crank that comes with a casement window, it’ll open up away from your home, and when you turn it the other way, it’ll close by returning back to its frame.

There are many benefits of installing at least a few casement windows in your home. Here are just a few of them:

  • They’re capable of catching breezes outside and bringing them into a home, thus improving the circulation in the home
  • They’re more secure than most other types of windows when they’re closed and locked shut
  • They’re able to provide better views than most other replacement windows types

You’ll be amazed by everything that casement windows have to offer.

  1. Awning Windows

When it rains outside, you’re going to have to scramble to close almost all of the various replacement windows types listed here. But that won’t be the case with awning windows.

Like casement windows, awning windows come with a crank that you’ll use to open and close them. They’re also designed to open away from your home when you open them up.

But the thing that sets awning windows apart from other window types is that they open up from the bottom. This allows them to create an awning over your window so that rain can’t get in, even if you leave them open during a bad storm.

There are some excellent Renewal by Andersen windows that are awning windows that you might want to check out. They’ll give you a chance to keep at least a few windows in your home open almost all the time to keep the air flowing through it.

  1. Picture Windows

If your home offers some spectacular views from the inside, you should try to take full advantage of it if you can. And you can do this by having picture windows installed.

As their name would suggest, picture windows will give you a chance to fully embrace all of the views that your home has to offer. You can look out of these windows and soak up the views whenever you want.

The one drawback of picture windows is that they usually can’t be opened and closed. But you can sometimes stick other types of windows around them that can be opened and closed to bring some fresh air into a room.

  1. Bay Windows

If you’re concerned about your home not getting enough air with picture windows, bay windows might be a better option for you. Bay windows have one larger picture window in the middle and then at least two other types of windows surrounding them.

This design will allow you to enjoy the views that your home has to offer while also providing you with the replacement windows types that you’ll need to welcome some air in your home. As an added bonus, bay windows also jut out from the side of your home, thus providing you with a ledge and making the room that they’re in feel a little bit bigger than it actually is.

  1. Bow Windows

Bow windows have a whole lot in common with bay windows. They also tend to be on the larger side and provide you with a chance to get better views of everything that sits on the outside of your home.

But unlike bay windows, bow windows don’t have a picture window in the middle of them. Instead, they have a series of windows that are all the same types of windows and lined up in a row. These windows are then designed to jut out from a home just like bay windows do.

The one big advantage of going with bow windows versus bay windows is that they’ll allow you to bring more air into your home than you would be able to otherwise.

  1. Accent Windows

Would you like to bring some natural light into a certain part of your home and make that part of your home a little bit more beautiful without necessarily worrying about bringing any air into it? Then accent windows might be your best bet.

Most accent windows cannot be opened and closed. So they aren’t going to be a great option if they’re going to be the only windows in a particular room.

But if you’re looking for decorative windows that will look nice when paired up with other windows and add some much-needed natural light to a room, then you really can’t go wrong with accent windows. It would be worth sprinkling a few of them throughout your home.

  1. Glass Block Windows

If you want to bring some natural light into a bathroom, a utility room, a laundry room, or another part of your home without compromising your privacy one bit, glass block windows may do the trick. It’s impossible to see in and out of these windows, but they will let some light pass through them.

Glass block windows are just one more replacement windows type that you might want to consider when you’re in the market for new windows for your home.

Which Replacement Windows Types Would Be the Best Options for Your Home?

As you’ve seen here, there won’t be any shortage of options when you’re on the hunt for replacement windows for your home. There are so many different types of windows that will be available to you.

You should weigh all your options to figure out which replacement windows types would work the best in your home at this time. You should also make sure that you call on a reputable window replacement company to assist you when it’s time to put your new windows into place. It’ll guarantee that you love whichever window types that you pick out in the end.

Find more tips and tricks on installing new windows in your home by browsing through the rest of the informative home improvement articles on our blog.

What’s the best way to select your window replacements?

Even if replacement windows seem the same, the options are, in fact, various in terms of quality and performance. Selecting the proper window replacements is essential, mainly if you aim for energy savings.

We want to help you choose the best window replacements for your home so check out our recommendations.

select your window replacements

Select a window style

Windows are crucial for saving energy in your home and can visually impact your home’s outer look. Many homeowners pay attention when selecting the windows to improve or alter the house’s curb appeal.

The architecture of your home is the place to start when choosing the window style. It’s also the safest way to make sure that the windows will match your home’s style for the longest time.

For instance, colonial-style homes work best with double hung windows that open and close with two operating sashes. This type of window is easy to clean as it tilts and it matches many architecture styles, craftsman and ranch homes including.

Specialty-shaped windows are an excellent solution for both historic and modern homes. To add character to your home, you can opt for specialty shaped or geometric window styles.

Don’t forget to pick the decorative elements. Glass options and grids are available to decorate the window replacements. Diamond grids complement a Tudor-style home, whereas decorative glass will filter light without compromising your privacy.

Pick a frame material

Even if the window style is essential, don’t forget that windows need maintenance for the most extended lifespan. Vinyl stands out as the most accessible material to clean. It’s also resistant to termites and doesn’t peel, warp, or rot. On top of everything else, vinyl doesn’t need staining, sanding, or painting during its lifetime.

Another benefit of vinyl is that it’s easy to customize; various colors are available for vinyl window replacements. Finding the color that suits your house best is straightforward.

If you want to install wood windows, remember that you will need to take proper care of them. On the other hand, if effortless maintenance is what you aim for, vinyl windows represent the best option.

Choose the glass package

The glass package is another crucial element of the windows with an essential role in saving energy. Cheap window replacements lack the technologies to reduce your energy bills throughout the year. Several components count for an energy-efficient glass package:

Dual and triple pane glass

There are two options for glass panes: dual and triple pane. Dual-pane is the most common option and consists of two glass panes with airspace in the middle. Triple pane glass comes with a third pane of glass and additional airspace. As a result, it will save more energy than double pane glass and block sounds.

Argon gas

It’s an odorless and invisible gas filled between the gas panes. It’s widely used for dual pane windows and it’s meant to improve the thermal efficiency of windows.

Krypton gas

It’s an odorless and invisible gas that is denser than air and argon gas. It’s filled between the glass panes, typically in dual-pane models. It’s highly efficient for a replacement window.

Low e-glazing

Love is an invisible coating that manufacturers apply on the outside or the inside pane of glass. It’s thinner than the width of human hair and is made to decrease heat transfer in your home. During the summer, it will reflect sunlight outside and stop your house from overheating. Similarly, the winter will allow the sunlight to pass through the glass and warm your home.

Combining such technologies will make your windows more effective in saving energy. If you don’t choose any of them, the chances for your windows to improve indoor comfort and help with energy savings will significantly reduce. Keep in mind that you can find replacement windows made with triple-pane glass, krypton gas, and two coats of Low-E.

Go with custom made replacement windows

We know that purchasing replacement windows from the big store sounds appealing, but you will save more money in the long run when buying from a professional window replacement company. Such companies provide you with high-quality products from reputed manufacturers, which engineer each product at a time.

Additionally, window companies make sure that the final product fits perfectly inside the exterior’s opening. It only takes a tiny mismeasurement to compromise the window’s energy efficiency, rendering the investment less profitable than expected. The risk for such a situation is even higher when you buy pre-made windows.

Hire a reliable window company

It would help if you didn’t settle for anything but the best when selecting a window company. We advise you to pick a company able to offer a free estimate for the job. Ask friends, neighbors, and family about their recommendations for window companies in your area. Go online and check out the reviews from customers—social media is an excellent tool for that.

What are the most common with replacement windows?

Replacing windows can disrupt your daily activities and we recommend you do due diligence about the process before professionals come. Here are some of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when working with a window company.

common with replacement windows

Not asking questions about the process

Different window installers may have different methods and you want to have all the details beforehand. The installation process can vary from one company to another, so make sure you have a general idea about the installation with the company of your choice.

Not changing the type or style for the windows

One of the main reasons people replace windows is to get window replacements more energy efficient than the current ones. Get all the information you need to make an informed decision when selecting the windows replacements.

Selecting a window based on price

If you play your cards right, you shouldn’t have to replace windows more than once or twice in your lifetime. It would help if you were willing to pay the extra buck for durable and energy-efficient window replacements. Learn about different types of features and glass options and pick one that fits your household the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should you pay for replacement windows?

You will pay anywhere between $200 and $1,800 per window replacement, with the national average ranging between $100 and $650 per window. The glass type and the window frame material are some of the factors impacting the final price. Don’t forget to add the cost for labor which is around $100 to $300 per window.

What time of year is best to replace windows?

You should plan the window replacement when the weather is warm and pleasant. Spring and early summer represent the best times to replace windows.

Is it cheaper to replace windows in the winter?

Wintertime is seen as the “off-season” for window replacement, so the product demand decreases. During winter, you have a better chance of getting special deals and promotions that aren’t available in the warmer months. As a result, you will pay less for the replacement windows.

What are the cheapest window replacements?

Typically, the cheapest window replacements are single-pane glass and single-hung models, as they start at $100 before installation. They feature just one layer of glass and only half the unit opens out. Expect to pay $250 and up for double-pane models.

Can you make the window replacement on your own?

Window replacement is considered a major home improvement project, which is why you should hire a professional contractor. Insert replacement windows are made for DIY installation and you can do it on your own if you have the skills, tools, and patience.

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