Top 7 Reasons to Choose Artificial Flowers for Wedding Decorations

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding as they add extra color, texture, and feeling to your special day. They add a particular flavor to the event with their beauty, color, elegance, and style. Flowers can be found in any wedding, regardless of culture and countries. Florists across the world design wedding floral gifts using a variety of flowers. However, the trends of flower market have been shifting from real to faux. 

Nowadays, people are using faux to decorate their wedding venue and also as a present. While it’s pretty tough to beat the fragrance of fresh flowers but choosing faux flowers does bring many benefits. From budget to dates to décor, here are seven reasons why you should choose artificial flowers for your wedding…

1. Cost-effective

Weddings can be quite an expensive affair, and you want to cut cost wherever possible. Natural herbs can be one of the most costly parts of your wedding, ranging from bouquets to table arrangements buttonholes. Plus, the lifespan of real flowers is quite short, and they wilt down quickly, so you will need to replace them every few hours. On the other hand, their counterparts, silk flowers don’t wilt out and doesn’t require much maintenance for days, helping you save money. Hence, artificial flowers are best to maintain an ethnic, classic, or any other theme of the wedding within your budget.

2. Non-allergic

Pollen from flowers is a significant cause of allergic reactions which can result in a runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes. Flowers from daisy family such as sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daisies or dahlias, etc. are the leading causes of allergic reactions. You don’t want bridesmaids to sneeze or sniff during the ceremony. This is why fake flower arrangements are the perfect option for you. The absence of pollen from the flowers makes them the best opportunity to have a good and remarkable wedding.

3. Available for All Seasons

Most flowers are seasonal just like fruits and vegetables and bloom mostly in the spring. While you might still find your favorite flowers out of the blooming season, they will be costly due to the scarcity. The seasonality of flowers can also create issues depending on where and when you are planning to get married. Artificial flowers are made throughout the year, and you can find them any time of the year at, the artificial flowers are all season-friendly.

4. Doesn’t Attract Insects and Bees

Pollen of the flowers can not only cause allergic reactions but also attract insects and bugs. Having butterflies and doves at a wedding can be quite romantic, but flying or crawling bugs can be a massive irritation. Besides this, bees or insects sting can be very painful, especially if that person is allergic. Herein artificial flowers prove to be a real game-changer and work as fantastic décor items for the event. To prevent pain, allergies, and rashes, artificial flowers have always been the best choice for people.

5. Create Mementos

Many people often choose to keep souvenirs from their weddings as mementos in their home. If you choose a fresh flower bouquet for the wedding and want to keep it after the wedding, you will encounter the challenge of preserving the petals and flower heads. With an artificial scent, though, you can easily keep them for years. You can wrap them in protective paper and stow them in a box to preserve them.

6. A Long-Lasting Gift

Many couples often gift flower centerpieces to family, friends, or members of the bridal party as thank you gifts. They can be excellent gifts that show love, compassion, and gratitude from the couple. It’s a lovely and personal touch, but they don’t last very long and can wilt very quickly. On the other hand, artificial flowers can be an excellent option for personal gifts as they can last forever. They don’t require much maintenance. So, the recipients don’t have to look after them each day.this long-lasting gift can be placed in your home as a decoration piece, putting them in a beautiful vase or hang them on your door. The artificial flowers can be used in many ways since they are long-lasting and easy to use. Placing them in your home enhance the look of your home.

7. They don’t wear and tear

For real blooms, it isn’t a terrible thing. It is the thing that makes them sentimental and cool. Envision culling the flower petals and tossing them on your spouse? Sound provocative, however, at an advanced wedding with visitors and devices who indeed possesses the energy for some rose foreplay? Lighter things aside, real flowers need a great deal of consideration, particularly if you are going full scale for an exceptionally outdoorsy wedding. With searing Indian summers, it is as a rule that your blooms will look worn out and practically dead before the function’s ends. So, having fake flowers that look similarly all-around great, makes for a more grounded case.

8. Mix well with Real Flowers

Just because you have added artificial flowers in the wedding décor, it certainly doesn’t mean that you will overlook natural flowers. Artificial and real flowers need not be mutually exclusive. Many couples and florists will work with a selection of both, to prevent limiting the flower choices due to seasonality. You can color match them to create a fantastic look in the centerpieces and bridal bouquets. You can also mix artificial flowers with real ones in your home, and they look exquisite. In case you are lazy to change the rea flower daily, you can only stick to artificial flowers for your home.

Artificial flowers are available in a variety of colors, materials, designs, and styles. When you are looking to buy artificial flowers, you need to choose the right sellers. Your needs and the theme of your wedding are some of the critical things you need to think about when buying artificial flowers.

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