Top 5 interesting ways to entertain your kids at home during long winter evenings

kids activities at home

A cold winter evening can leave even the most creative parent running out of ideas when it comes to finding interesting ways to entertain the kids. The winter presents a particularly difficult time because going out is not an option on some (or even most) days.

When considering entertainment activities for kids during winter, it’s important to ensure the activities you select will keep the kids not only warm but also engaged so that time moves faster.

Below are five things you can do with your kids that you could consider to keep everyone entertained.

1.    Create a journal

A journal is a great way of teaching children the valuable skill of reflecting on anything they do. To get children enthusiastic about reflecting on the things that happen to them during the day, you’ll need to find entertaining ways of engaging them.

If the kids are still too young to write for themselves, you could create a website for the family. With so many free templates around, you’re free to create a website for kids based on their specific preferences and fill it together or let them use any speech recognition app to help them do it by themselves.

2.    Cook a storm

Depending on how old your kids are, you can ask them to assist with duties in the kitchen when you’re cooking. While you’re preparing your dinner meal, the young ones can learn a lot of valuable life skills while and help you prepare the meal. One of the things you could ask the kids to help with is preparing hot soups or desserts. It’s important to ensure the kids are properly supervised at all times.

3.    Show your talent to the family

A cold winter night can be a great time for a family talent show. This can start with the young ones suggesting what the talent show should be all about. If they are struggling to come up with ideas, you can start by watching a show like American Idols and then asking the children to suggest the rules and how the competition will be run.

With the right logistics, you could even ask your children to invite their friends for a sleepover on one of the nights to the talent show where they compete for prizes. With this activity, you may discover some hidden talents among the kids. A dance or song competition could keep everybody well entertained even without adults to be all the time around.

4.    Find treasure indoors

To keep everybody busy, you can have a night where everybody goes on an indoor or outdoor treasure hunt. A treasure hunt is great fun when you write down clues and hide them across the house or yard (if it has enough light to see around) and then ask the children to look for hidden treasures.

When doing a treasure hunt, it’s important to ensure that even those who have not found anything get some consolation prices.

5.    Book night

A winter night can be a time of learning new things for the kids. However, this does not mean everybody burying themselves in their own book. You could get all the kids to suggest a book they would like to read as a family. If the kids have no idea what they want to read, you can always select one for them. Put a blanket on the carpet and get everybody to sit and listen to one of the family members reading, and it is not necessarily should be an adult – the older siblings can also take their turn to read a chapter. For instance, Harry Potter books can be a wonderful choice to keep entertained kids of all the ages.


Keeping the kids entertained during long winter evenings is a little more complicated than in other seasons. However, with a little creativity and including the kids in coming up with ideas, these can be nights everyone will remember for a long time to come.

Here is a video from Family Days on the topic:

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