Top 10 Cozy Properties in Mallorca

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Tourists have declared Mallorca as a holiday destination. It succeeds in giving good holiday experiences. You will be suggested to visit there just once. You will be amazed to see how beautiful it is. Given below are top 10 villas in Mallorca. These cozy homes will adorn your trip. Have a look:

  1. Villa Trogos

This villa is astonishing for spending quality time with kith and kin. It has a snug pool. It is spread at a distance of 10 x 5m. One can have a good experience there. One can spend a whole week there. The city of bars and restaurants- ‘Pollensa’ can also be discovered. It is just a walking distance away.

  1. Villa Abel

This comfortable villa is known for its modern oasis. Villa Abel provides both comfort and luxury. Bring your whole family and enjoy a lot. It has staggering open-plan living spaces. It has creative and soothing marble finishings. It provides a private pool for people. The beautiful beaches of Puerto Pollença are situated nearby. The presence of mountains makes the jaunt more adventurous.

  1. Can Agave

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One can be highly excited when it comes to Can Agave. It is blessed with beautiful views. It succeeds in mesmerizing visitors. It is obvious that the person will have plenty of peace over there. Many tourists come here to enjoy nature’s beauty. Some other people go there to enjoy peace and comfort. One can explore a lot about Pollensa.

  1. Puerto Ponenta

The Puerto Ponenta is very charming. It has five bedrooms. One can have a view of the Mallorcan mountains. The person who is questing for luxury, modern amenity and fancy life should definitely go there. It is the best ever holiday home. It provides a relaxed, stylish ambiance to people. It also has beaches, gardens, and terrace with beautiful views.

  1. Villa Madia

This is a perfect example of the traditional villa. It has many amenities for families. That’s why it is called a good all-rounder for families. It has a well-maintained pool. It has a lawned garden and a beautiful terrace. No doubt, you will have an unforgettable experience. One can enjoy family meals on its terrace. One can relax and enjoy the swing. Don’t forget to visit the sandy beach of Puerto Pollensa.

  1. Villa Jaso

villa jaso

Villa Jaso is popular to give a home like feeling. As soon as you enter into it, you will feel as if you are at home. It has an astounding Mallorcan stone exterior. It is enough to showcase the classic look of the island. It is full of comfort and bliss. You will experience it in its ambiance. There is so much to explore. It will be suggested to hire a tour guide to save time.

  1. Can Canica

This villa is situated in a great location. It has many wonderful beaches in its surroundings. One gets a chance to have a look on many panoramic views. It is stunning. Once in your life, do visit here. You will be at the acme of your bliss.

  1. Ajuga Fonto

You should visit this place if you want to enjoy nature’s lap. It is a must visit the villa of the city. It is s a perfect place for nature lovers because of the presence of beaches, trees, mountains etc. Many photographers come here to capture panoramic scenes.

  1. Casa Tranquila

This villa has been awarded as the glorious cliff-top villa. Every single inch of this villa is different and special in its own. It has many attractive views. It has a covered dining terrace. This terrace is situated at Casa Tranquila. It is a perfect place to have a dinner date. It has one more beautiful terrace. It is used to click pictures and viewing the other side of the villa.

  1. La Azulina

No one will deny the fact that this villa is a truly wonderful villa. One should visit here once if he doubts this fact. It is the picturesque villa. It is surrounded by mountain and tree-lined hillside. One can relax in the pool. The beaches are situated in walking distance.

Bring your family and friends to these cozy homes. Make many memories.

Enjoy the trip!!!

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