Tips To Use Electric Chainsaw For Woodcarving

Creativity has been a great inspiration among the people for decades. Artistic minds are appreciated everywhere around the globe. When we talk about creativity, sculptures designing have been a popular art throughout history. In the beginning, people used to do this just for the sake of fun, but later, it became a profession globally. Talking about sculpture designing, woodcarving or woodworking is the most popular designing technique until now. Why? Because there are plenty of tools available to perform this sort of carving. Electric Chainsaw is one of those tools for woodcarving, it’s considered best for this purpose because of its smoothness and efficiency.


Having a 16inch bar base makes it a lot of stable and an automatic lubrication system that releases oil at a selected rate from the tanker once operational chain saw.

Advantage of the automated lubrication system is that you just don’t get to worry regarding once to push the button to lubricate the chain to stop it from drying because the chain can stay greased all the time.

I don’t think about it a drawback however still sensible to understand that you just won’t have any management over what quantity oil would be discharged to the chain. Electrical chain saw contains an H.P. of three.5 that permits it to perform laborious jobs likewise.

As it has no battery check that to use larger amp city wire size as a result of because the length of the cable will increase, voltage drops within the circuit thanks to the resistance that contains an unhealthy impact on the motor of the chain saw.

The best factor regarding this chain saw is its safety, it includes an intrinsic safety chain brake therefore once it breaks it stops it in seconds while not inflicting any hurt. Electrical chain saw weight terribly is light-weight around eleven pounds that creates it very simple to balance it and maybe a nice acceptable light-weight duty and may simply cut a 14-inch tree.

For victimization it won’t be got to undergo tons of problem, in all probability no assembly needed. You may realize a saw, chain guard, and bottle of chain oil simply place bar, chain, and oil within the oil reservoir and it is prepared for a fast job.

Electric Chainsaw Is The Best Tool. Why?

There are certain factors that stand out Electric Chainsaw as the best tool for woodcarving. We’re about to highlight those factors below:

Smoothness – Electric Chainsaw is a smooth tool, you don’t have to put so much force to carve your wooden object. Simply Turn the switch on and let your chainsaw do the task for you.

Easy to use – Electric-powered chainsaws are easy to use than any other mechanical tool.

Efficient tool – Electric chainsaw is an efficient tool, you can carve your objects in hours instead of days. The old fashioned tools require days to complete one job. Electric-powered chainsaws are fast and efficient.

Which Electric Chainsaw is Good For Carving?

A lot of people are confused about picking up the right chainsaw for woodworking. Don’t worry people; we’ve got your back. These are some factors that may help you chose your chainsaw.

Size of the electric chainsaw – The big sized chainsaws is hard to handle, make sure to purchase a small-sized and lightweight chainsaw so that you may perform your job without getting exhausted.

Less noisy – Creativity is a task that you can’t perform if you lose your focus. If your chainsaw is noisy you can’t pay attention while designing sculpture. Make sure to purchase an electric chainsaw that generates less noise.

Auto-Oiling feature: Always go for the chainsaw that has an auto-oiling feature so that you don’t have to oil your chain again and again while working.

Self-tensioning feature – Make sure your chainsaw has an auto-tension feature so that you don’t have to tighten your chain again and again.

There are plenty of factors that may stand out the electric chainsaw as the best chainsaw. But, the points mentioned above is the most crucial while picking up the right chainsaw.

Tips & Tricks To Use Electric Chainsaw:

Following are the most important tips that will help you out carving objects with an electric chainsaw:

  • The most important tip is to read the handbook that comes up with with-in the packing of your new chainsaw. Reading the manual will teach you the fundamentals of operating your chainsaw in the right manner.
  • Always wear safety equipment while using your chainsaw. Make sure to wear gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes respectively while woodcarving. In some cases, the helmet is crucial too.
  • First, divide your wooden object into small chunks with a big chainsaw, and then use a smaller electric chainsaw for the finishing of the smalls parts. When it comes to finishing more tiny parts, you can get help with a knife or blade.
  • There are plenty of videos and notebook available on the internet. Make sure to get help from the videos and the eBooks.
  • Always hold your chainsaw with a firm grip. Actually, the electric motor generates vibration and your grip is important if you want to avoid vibrations.
  • Start with a smaller object rather going for a big sculpture in the beginning. Practicing on a smaller object is easy compared to a bigger one.

The points mentioned above are most important if you want to begin woodcarving using an electric chainsaw. However, some of them seem not much important, but still, these factors should be kept in mind while going for your first project.

Did you find this article helpful? If you have further queries and want more detailed tips to choose the best electric chainsaw for your woodcarving purpose, we’d be happy to assist you in your hunt for the best chainsaw. But always remember, practice makes a man perfect. Enjoy your woodworking.


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