Tips to Remember When Choosing a Pedicure Chair for Your Salon

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It does not end in having finally decided to invest in a pedicure chair for your salon. The next thing in your essential to-do list is finding the best chair that fits your requirements while helping you ensure a maximized return of investment.  

A few milliseconds after you key in the word “best pedicure chair” on Google, you will be presented with a list of websites owned by pedicure chair manufacturers and suppliers. To be fair, that does not necessarily mean these websites make the best pedicure chairs in the world. Some of them simply know the importance of investing a lot in optimizing their websites and enhancing their brands online. However, their product quality might remain at stake.

With such an overwhelming number of options varying in terms of price, styles, and features, this article aims to guide you in your pedicure chair shopping. Heed our tips below!

Tips to Remember When Choosing a Pedicure Chair for Your Salon

Tip #1: Set your requirements first. 

Your pedicure chair requirements will depend on the kind of business that you have. Is it a salon solely providing pedicure services or are your nail services a part of the add-on? Do you have dedicated nail technicians or a dedicated space for pedicure services? Is your vision to provide a luxurious nail care experience? What kind of people are in your target market? 

If your purpose of investing in a pedicure chair is to take the experience of your nail customers to a whole new level, you might as well want to consider revamping the ambience of your area as a whole. How cozy and spacious your pedicure chair will be installed also play an important role in making sure that your customer gets the best experience you want to deliver. That said, there is no point in having a beautiful, luxurious pedicure chair if it is installed in a crowded, untidy space. 

Tip #2: Prioritize quality and reputable brands. 

It is important to buy a high-quality pedicure chair if it is a comfortable and durable unit you wish to own. An important consideration during the buying process is filtering your list with only reputable, seasoned brands that make exceptional pedicure chair products – those that have already carved a name in the industry. 

When considering a popular pedicure chair brand, it is likewise vital to ensure that the same brand was able to earn trust from the market, e.g. J&A USA to name one. Reviews and feedback you can find over the web will help you have a guided decision.

Tip #3: Comfort and design should be on your priority list. 

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You will find a wide array of pedicure chair styles in the market. Some from the luxurious lines feature built-in massages using patterned vibrations. In buying, it is also essential to consider the kind of experience you want to give to your customers which can be determined by the chair’s ergonomic design. You can invest in a pedicure chair with massage technology if you want to offer your customers the add-on comfort besides being wrapped in a comfortable chair. As you expect a return of investment out of your purchase, you should ensure that it can deliver what your clientele is looking for or you can invest in all types such that clients who opt for a manual, lever-based adjustment will also be accommodated. 

In prioritizing comfort, also consider your nail technicians. The design should not compromise their quality of service, i.e. their pivoting activities must still be well-supported so that they can continue doing their craft at best. 

Meanwhile, in terms of design, the market has limitless options. Hence, the key to reducing your list is to imagine how you want your salon to look and feel with the pedicure chairs in it. If you are aiming for a luxurious experience, you will want to go for the high-end luxury pedicure chairs with glamorous designs. Nonetheless, you can still achieve a modern, classy style at a reasonable price by considering cheaper options that can accentuate the look of your salon. Well-known pedicure chair providers nowadays produce chairs with multiple colored bases and cushions for salon owners to achieve a unique style easier. 

Tip #4: Just because you allotted a huge budget for it, it does not mean you should spend it all. 

If you were able to spot promising pedicure chairs at a value cheaper than your original budget, great. You might want to prioritize them more than spending it on pricier ones. The price comparison only applies, however, provided that both options offer the same features and designs. 

The current market is offering pedicure chairs at $79 to around $8600. Choose smartly. Below are what can affect or define a pedicure chair’s pricing: 


The cheapest options come only with the basic features. The more sophisticated a chair becomes, the pricier it gets. Although pedicure chairs are built mainly to elevate everyone’s pedicure experience, an additional feature, e.g. a swiveling chair, an electrical track to allow adjustment and additional trays, can be availed to improve a manicure service too. This and other additional features or accessories like complementary fiberglass pedicure bowl can affect a pedicure chair’s price. 

In terms of the most useful technology in the pedicure chair market, providers have been marketing their pedicure chair variants. The better variant has a plumbing feature wherein the nail technician will no longer need to physically fill in and remove the water from the pedicure bowl. Instead, the chair is already connected to the waterline. More innovative models under this variant called pipeless pedicure chairs have taken the market by storm as they are believed to be more hygienic and sanitary than the piped ones. 

Tip #5: Choose from a pedicure chair provider that offers warranty and technical support. 

Your pedicure chair’s warranty can tell whether you are buying from a trustworthy and reputable provider or not. Oftentimes, if it offers less than a year warranty on parts, it is most likely a fraud. 


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