Tips For Stress-Free Moving

Ugh. Moving. Whether you found your dream home or your lease is about to expire, the very thought of moving can fill you with dread. As you look around your current living space, your eye may be drawn to all the little knick-knacks that will need to be carefully packed away or the fact that your bookshelf is taller than you are. Who is going to do all the heavy lifting? How many trips is it going to take to get everything cleared out? Will you have the time to do it all before the moving date?

Relax. Moving doesn’t have to be an awful, fear-inspiring process. With some careful planning and a little organization, your moving day will be a snap.

Tip 1:  Make A List Of Everything That Needs To Be Done

Create a To Do list, and then within that list, write down which week things should happen.  Schedules allow you to see the big picture, but still, help you manage things in bite-sized chunks that can keep you sane.

Tip 2:  Give Yourself The Gift Of Time

If you know you are going to be moving in a month, start thinking about all the things you will need to do now. Don’t procrastinate and think everything can be taken care of at the last minute. Call ahead to places like the electric and water companies and give a date for everything to be shut off. Book your moving company as soon as possible. Start gathering boxes and packing supplies well in advance of the big day, and pack up items you don’t need now. Label boxes, so you know what’s what. Taking care of as much of you can in advance will help ease some stress.

Tip 3: Hire A Good Moving Company

If you aren’t going to do all the work yourself, a moving company is something you want to look into.  Professional movers can provide a variety of services—anything from packing up your priceless china to unpacking it for you in your new home. Some will be willing to drive you only across town while others travel further, like interstate moving company Adelaide. Research your options, read the reviews of movers you’re interested in and don’t forget to talk to friends about who they’ve used in the past. Would they use that particular moving service again? Did their boxes and other fragile items arrive at their new destination unharmed? Once you’ve decided on who you’re using, book them several weeks in advance.

Tip 4: Be Prepared For Your First Night In A New Place

 Pack a suitcase, bag, or box that has all the essential things you need for the first night in a new home. Moving is exhausting, and it’s no fun trying to root out your toothbrush and pajamas from stacks of boxes waiting to be unpacked.  There will be plenty of time for that the next morning!

Moving can be a stressful event, but it doesn’t have to be.  Even just following one of the listed tips can make a world of difference and turn the experience into a good one.

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