6 Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

Selling your home can be an arduous task that causes stress, especially if you’re looking for a quick sale. If you’re looking to speed up the process and get the sale under your best faster, you’ll need to learn the little details that make a difference. We’ve put together our top tips to help you on your way so you can move on from your current home into your next place with less drama and less time. Check out our ideas below for some inspiration.

  1. Set Up Plenty Of House Tours

To sell your home you’re going to need viewings, so set up plenty of open houses or private tours. The more people that see your home, the wider the potential buying pool is. You can do this via a realtor on your own if you want to save on hefty agent fees. Use social media as an advertising tool to let people know you’re selling up as someone you know could be interested in purchasing it from you. If you’re in the midst of flipping your home or undertaking major renovations, advertise what the finished product will look like with CAD-based online virtual house tours so that it can be sold the minute you finish the work.

  1. Clean Up The Outside

Love at first sight exists with homebuying, so make sure your home has strong curb appeal. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort or money to clear up your front yard, simply set aside a weekend to mow the lawn, clear out any weeds and prune the bushes. People prefer to move into homes that are ready to live in so fix up any broken pathways or steps that could put off potential buyers. Painting the window frames and clearing out the gutters will give it a fresh look so make the tiny tweaks that will make your home look beautiful from the outside.

  1. Fix Up The Inside

If you have old peeling paint and loose floorboards make sure they’re sorted before anyone comes to view the place. It doesn’t cost much to repaint the walls in a light, neutral color but can make all the difference to potential buyers. You want your space to look clean and inviting so fix any cracks in the walls and remove any mildew from damp areas such as bathrooms. Repaint the skirting boards so they don’t show any scuffs or wear and tear. Make sure your carpets are stain-free and any built-in appliances or white goods are clean and shining. If your kitchen is super dated, tile stickers can give the room a whole new lease of life without having to spend a fortune on renovations.

  1. Give It A Scrub And Tidy

Even if you’re taking the furniture with you, make sure the entire home is sparkling clean from top to bottom.  Dirty and dusty surfaces look unappealing, as do areas of mess and clutter. Give all your floors a vacuum and wax wooden floors. Your bathroom and kitchen should look flawless, as these are central areas to the home and ones that potential buyers will want to inspect thoroughly. Clean your refrigerator and stove properly and make sure the bathroom is rid of any wet towels or piles of laundry. Make up the beds and stage your home to look beautifully presented. Small details like setting the table for a meal, vases of fresh flowers, or lighting a fireplace can make a huge difference.

  1. Make Good Use Of The Space

Since the pandemic hit, more and more people plan to stick with a hybrid working routine so having a home office can make a huge difference in terms of appeal. If you don’t have a whole spare room to design as an office, purchase a small desk that can sit against a wall with a cute chair that will show potential buyers that there is the space to work from home if they wish. If you’ve got gym equipment crammed into your dining room, remove the clutter and let the room serve its purpose as a dining space. Too many random items scattered across the house can make your home appear as though there isn’t enough space for functional living.

  1. Maximize Lighting

Most homeowners dream of bright and airy spaces. If you have a ton of natural light, make the most of it by throwing back the drapes and letting the light pour in. If you’re not blessed with plenty of South Facing windows, create the illusion of light by incorporating cleverly placed lighting around the room such as spotlights and tall floor lamps which will open up the room.

What are your best tricks for selling a home fast? Share in the comments!

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