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When it comes to painting a surface you basically have three options. You can use a brush to paint the surface or you can use a roller and finally you can use a spray using a motor. There is no doubt that it always is a much better choice to go in for paint sprayers because of some obvious advantages. They are known for these speed and accessibility.

You can cover a much larger areas much faster and the spread of the paint is complete uniform to say the least. This is not possible with either rollers or brushes. Further there is hardly any doubt that sprayers ensure an even coating which even the best of paint rollers will not be able to. Hence when it comes to painting stairs, furniture and window frames it always is a much better choice.

When it comes to buying paint sprayers, you have two options. You could buy them from brick and mortar stores or you could have them purchased from online stores. Both have their own pros and cons. However, buying online has its own advantages and we are sharing the same over the next few lines. We are sharing below a few tips which could be helpful in choosing the right sprayers in an online environment. is one site that has all the details that you may want regarding paint sprayers.

The Material That Will Be Processed

The material that will be processed in the paint sprayers is one of the most important points to be taken into account when choosing the right sprayers. In other words, the materials which go inside the sprayer have a big role to play. It could be primer, dispersion, lacquers, glazes, tissue adhesive, and silicate pain or could even be filler. So you have to choose the right sprayer taking into account the end use and the material which it will be filled with.

The Size Of Nozzle And Filters

The sprayers whether you buy it online or from brick and mortar stores have nozzles and filters of different sizes and grades. Hence, you must be sure that you are buying the right grade of sprayers. There are set standards available and it is about following the same and buying the same. You would do better to visit sites like where you will be able to get the right kind of information and knowledge filters and nozzles.

The Size Of The Hose Is Important

The size of the nozzle is also something that one needs to bear in mind. This again is specific to tasks and you must always keep them in mind when choosing them. These hoses again come in standard sizes and you have to do your research, gather knowledge and ensure that you choose the right one based on your specific needs and requirements.

Choose The Right Type

When buying online, the onus lies on you to choose the right type of paint sprayers. You could either choose an airless paint sprayer or a fine paint sprayer. The former are very widely used for painting pergolas, fences, sheds, gazebos, weatherboards, lattices, walls and garage doors.

You can use them with water based paints or even with oil based paints. Fine paint sprayers on the other hand use low pressure, high volume HVLP technology and are used more for finishing rather than heavy duty painting. The onus lies on you to choose the right type of sprayers again taking into account your end use.

Quality Of After Sales Service

You must be aware that these paint sprayers do cost money and regular maintenance and upkeep is required. This would call for having the right after sales service facilities. You must always look for manufacturers who have a good service chain. They should be in a position to handle your calls immediately.

Regular availability of spare parts is also something which you must always bear in mind. These spray painters have many moving parts and therefore when buying it from online outlets, you must be sure that they come with the right list of service outlets near out place. Yes, the warranty terms and conditions is also another important attribute which must be borne in mind when you are choosing an online supplier.

The Final Word

The advantages and benefits associated with online buying of paint sprayers is known to everybody. However, when buying it online you have to be a bit extra careful and take the various points into account.

Here’s a video from Pittsburgh Spray Equipment Co about HVLP vs Airless vs Conventional Spray Guns:

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