Things to Know Before Hiring House Cleaning Services in Australia

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There used to be a time when hiring professional house cleaners is reserved for the rich. However, competition drove down the prices that most households in Australia can afford their services. According to Statistica, the house cleaning services sector is projected to reach AUD$561 by the end of 2020. From this year until 2023, the market has a compound annual growth rate of 1.9%. By the end of the forecast period, the industry would have grown to AUD$593 million.

People still hesitate to hire House cleaning services. One of the main reasons is that they think that it is too expensive. Those who managed to get over that mental hurdle, however, were only too glad they decided to finally hire professionals. It only made their lives better and allowed them to focus on more important things.

Here are some things to know before hiring cleaners for your home:

How much do House cleaning services cost?

It depends on your location as labour age and cost of living do play a part in the overall price. For example, Sydney cleaners are more expensive compared to hiring professionals in Adelaide. On average, however, you may pay somewhere between $20 and $35 an hour. However, the price can go as high as $50 per hour for deep cleaning. Typically, the rates are higher when the house has been left unattended for some time, or if you need to make sure it is spic and span for the open house.

If you have quite a big house, and the cleaners would be there for a few hours, you are looking at $80 to $200 in cost.

How long will it take to clean your house?

It is tough to come up with an estimate, as multiple factors come into play. For instance, if you do not regularly clean the property, you can expect some grime, cruds, soot, and moulds (in which case, the house needs to be purified and sanitized). You have to consider the size of your home and the skills and equipment of the House cleaning services. According to, a four-person team takes one hour to clean every 1,000-square feet of your home.

They do not move large pieces of furniture

One way to save money is to prepare the house before calling in the professionals. For the most part, they are not responsible for moving around the large furniture in your house. You can bargain with the House cleaning services, but you will pay extra for the effort. If not, hard-to-reach areas might not be included in the deep-cleaning.


When hiring house cleaners, time is money. The adage is true both for the service provider and for you, especially if you pay them by the hour. So, the sooner you can get them off your house, the better it is for you. One way to save money is to list down your priorities. Walk them around the property and point to the problematic spot and tell them about your expectations. Finally, get the kids out of the house because they will only slow down the work. It goes for you, as well. Get yourself a drink, read a book on your favourite spot outside and let the cleaners do their jobs.

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