Things to know before buying commercial property in Hyderabad

Beginners in commercial property usually think that investing in it is a big thing. Yes, but I typically think it’s overrated, and that is what is keeping many beginners and inexperienced investors away. As a matter of fact, if you have the right information and follow these principles closely, you are likely to make more returns from real estate.

Besides, you also need to plan carefully and research deeply to make sure you make a sound investment. This doesn’t give you a guarantee to assume commercial property investment doesn’t require greater quantum or investment than most related investments.

Commercial property is a better choice, but only when someone has enough money. It makes the greatest sense in terms of returns on investment, especially in Hyderabad. With that information, we can deduce you are ready to invest but lack some basic information about this place and several other rules of thumb.


Before you think of starting on the paperwork, start by making sure the location is right for your money. What I am trying to mean is that location, in this case, is of utmost importance. It should be a major consideration in all forms of real estate investment. Additionally, it should also be a consideration for the people that are looking for property to lease. For offices and retail, the property will make the biggest investment sense when it’s in a prime location. Also, it’s very easy to get loans for properties in a prime location than for properties in other locations.

Don’t do it alone

When you are choosing to invest in property in another location that you are not very well versed with, always make sure you involve several other players for the decision to be viable and benefiting. Buying a commercial property in Hyderabad wouldn’t be as easy without the opinion of a real estate consultant, especially those that are operating in the area. This point together with the other things to know before buying commercial property or Building in Hyderabad, will help you greatly to make a sound decision. A careful investor will always take time to check the information disseminated to you by the real estate consultant. You also need to involve other people, including the locals, your family and relatives. This ensures that your decision is informed and there are few chances of making a mistake. You also need to talk to your friends to clear any doubts.

Watch the market

One thing you should have in your mind is that the real estate market keeps on changing. For this reason, you should start by understanding the current standings of the market before you proceed. Check all the things that can affect your decision when you are investing. This will inform you whether it’s the right time for that type of investment or you have to wait. For most investors in Hyderabad, they usually consider buying when the market is at its lowest, which is the best idea. This is actually the best time because you have chances of gaining better. A good investor will also spare time to look at the job and the investment market too. This will inform you about the current demand for the property you are about to buy and also give you some insights about future demand.

The quality

Another thing to have in mind is that the qualities of the two properties will not always be the same. What this means is that two properties can be nearby but one boasting better quality features than the other one. It’s a clear indication that the house with the best quality features will be rented first, and you want to be the owner in that case. Look for additional features that would attract more tenants with time. Also, check whether the property has better-looking lobbies or whether there are LEEDX gold or platinum ratings. The buildings can also have elevators, better views and higher ceiling heights. If you consider liquidity, you will also notice that high-quality properties are more liquid.

Current demand and supply

In Hyderabad, there’s a time of the year when rental income commercial property is at its peak. This is actually the first thing that a good investor would take into consideration. You have to be optimistic that the demand for the type of property you are buying is high. This would probably be the case when there’s short in supply. The fact is that every state, city, or town has different micro-markets and each of them has a stock and a list of upcoming supply. To be sure you are making a viable investment, take time to factor all these in your planning.

In-Place rent

Most investors in Hyderabad will ignore this factor, but it makes a big difference in the case of investment. The concept of market rent vs in-place rent is a concept that investors today are using to size the risk of the property they are about to purchase. I just wanted to tell you that this concept can pay, so take time to learn about it and implement the tricks.

Security deposit

In Hyderabad, security deposits vary from time to time. However, it calls for a 6 or 10 months’ rent. As an investor, you should always be careful when someone pays rent for six months or below. This shows that they are considering a short term relationship with you. Though, this doesn’t mean you should deny startups shorter renting and deposits.


In real estate, just like any other place, diversification reduces risk. You don’t have to invest all the savings in one property because the future is unknown. This would also mean that you are exposing yourself to too much risk, which would not be good at the end of it. In Hyderabad, you should invest in diverse properties across the towns to reduce the associated risk. Additionally, make sure you have all the knowledge about the market to avoid making mistakes that can cost you.

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