Things To Consider in Cordless Lawnmowers

Electric Lawnmowers are an important part of every gardening inventory. These machines allow you to cut off those extra lengths of grass from your garden and give a fresh new look then lawn. There are many types of Lawnmowers available in the market, and one of the most popular is the Cordless Lawnmowers. These have taken the market by storm as more and more people are buying them to tender their garden.

But you must be aware while buying them and keep in mind some important things. In this article, we will be discussing the things to consider when you choose a top cordless mower. Let us begin!

Deck Size and Cutting Swath – You should always consider buying the mower which low has a wider deck that will help you to cut the grass in fewer passes. This is more economical because it saves time, physical effort and also the electricity which is required to run the mower. Look for Lawnmowers which have a 20-inches deck so that it can cut the grasses in 75% of the total time consumed by the traditional 15-inches deck mower. But also keep in mind at the same time that the mower should not be very heavy because that will require more energy and reduce the overall maneuverings efficiency.

Grass Management – While buying the machine you will also have to check the grass management system provided with the mower. Different features and abilities are added to several mowers, depending upon the price segment it belongs to. Some mower clips the grass and blows them to the side, whereas some of them store the grass in a bag. So depending on your preference, you can choose the buy the mower. Keep one thing in mind- the more grass management features you want, the more price you will have to pay for it.

Height Adjustment – The next important thing to consider while buying the mower is to check whether the mower has a height adjustability feature. This is important because you should never cut the grass in your lawn randomly to any length you want to. Experts have suggested that any grass should be cut to less than 30% of its total height. Shaving the grass less than 30% makes it weak over time, and therefore your lawn can go barren in the coming years. So you must be able to adjust the mower according to the type of cut you want to give to the lawn.

Push Type vs. Self Propelled – Electric lawnmowers are major of two types – push type and self-propelled. Nowadays, people tend to buy the latter one in more numbers because they are more convenient to use and more comfortable to start anytime. But the advanced self-propelled mechanism of some lawnmowers can tend to get faulty after months of usage. Therefore you would be required to buy a premium model from the top manufacturer. However, push type is completely physical and is much reliable to some people than the self-propelled engine.

So here are the things to consider while buying electric lawnmowers and tend your garden the right way.

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