The Newest Addition to Your Home: Art TV

Our home is our very own sanctuary, it is that special place that we can call our own and do whatever we want when we are home. It offers the respite from the outside world, it is a place or rest and relaxation, and we feel that sense of security and comfort when we are home. Thus, it is of course important that our home be pretty, clean and comfortable with the right mix of furniture pieces. More often than not, we have very little knowledge about interior design and making our homes the best place you can come home to. But, there are so many things that need to be considered when it comes to design, and you need expert advice on this. But, one sure way to amplify the appearance of your home is to get the now popular Art TV. Many people are actually finding Art TV as one of the key pieces that have transformed their homes, from zero to pretty.

Do You Need an Art TV?

Those who have made the decision to get their own Art TV have only positive things to tell about it. They say it is the perfect addition to their home, that it instantly transforms their home and make it feel a bit sophisticated and pretty. We all want a beautiful home and one way to achieve that is to get an Art TV. But the question is, do you really need it? You already have a couple of TV sets at home and would it be a good way to spend money on another television set. For one, Art TV is a special kind of TV, it is a smart TV and an art piece at the same time. You get to choose which art piece you want to be presented in your Art TV, or it can even be a picture of you or your family and is easily transformed into a portrait. You need an Art TV to bring a little spice to your home, to have something to talk about, and of course to amaze your guests when you show them that it is an art and a TV at the same time. However, if you do not want to purchase a whole new television set, you can actually have your own TV transformed into an Art TV. You just need to send your old TV to the manufacturers and they can outfit it with all the things you want in it, and they send it back to you in a completely different appearance. This, is a bit cumbersome since you need to mail your old TV to them and requires more effort, but will save you money as compared to buying a new Art TV from them. If you are looking for something that will really make an impact to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, then go ahead and order than Art TV that you know you want.

How Does Art TV Work?

The technology behind Art TV is not that difficult to understand, but it does impress those who actually get to experience it. The concept behind art TV is not too complex, it is just having an image of an artwork displayed on the top screen while having a hidden television underneath it. When the television is turned on, the image of the artwork magically disappears and you get to use the fully functional television. When the television is turned off, the artwork is again reflected into the glass screen. A special kind of mirror is used to overlay it on the television screen, but it does not need any power supply to do that. It is just like that 3D image you have to move around to see another image embedded in it. This is basically the same principle but on a bigger level, and using more advanced materials. For those who have not seen anything like a mirror TV or an art TV, the effect is nothing short of magic. This process does not even take much power consumption, it can also be moved from one part of the house to another if needed. Since the image of the artwork is presented on the top screen or glass, it is also very easy to change depending on your tastes and the design that you want to achieve in your home. For example, if you want a cozy cottage feel, then you can choose an artwork from the renaissance period, and if you have a modern, sleek design, then an abstract painting could be a good choice for you. Since there are hundreds of images to choose from, it is guaranteed that you will be able to choose one that you like, and if not, then you could have your own picture placed in it. Say for example you had this amazing vacation in Bali, and you took a picture of that amazing sunset, then you can actually give that picture to the manufacturer so that they can take a picture of that image, transform it to a digital image and then place it on your Art TV.

A Smart Art TV

Nowadays, television sets are no longer just a machine that project images on a screen, in fact the new generation of television sets are now smart TVs. A smart television means that it runs on a platform that enables it to function like a computer screen and offer you a wide range of choices and services. A smart TV is programmable, if you cannot watch your favorite television series on time, you can make the TV record it for you to watch later. It can also connect to the internet and other devices and gives you more control over the functions of the television set. It doubles as a computer screen and you can access your personal accounts by using it when it is connected to the internet. You can also watch live streaming shows, and network shows in Netflix and other platforms.

What People are Saying About Art TV

The Art TV is a recent invention, it did not even exist for the last decade, while television sets on general are quick to change and evolve, it took sometime before the manufacturers where able to master and prove that it is possible to make your own Art TV. One of the top sites for Art TV is This is the premier customized TV manufacturer in the market. Their previous customers give positive feedback readily, they were cited as one of the most responsible company in terms of providing support and assistance to their customers. Some are also raving about the quality of the customer care that the company had for their clients, especially when they needed assistance to choose the best and the most ideal smart TV. The company had friendly and active support staff, they are able to deal with any technical issues that you might encounter while using your Art TV. More importantly, previous customers had vouched that the Art TV they got are of superb quality, and has really changed the way they look at their room or space.

Where to Get an Art TV

A company that specializes in manufacturing an Art TV and the components of a mirror TV, from frames to glass mirrors is FrameMyTV and the good thing is that it is an online shop. You can order your Art TV from them and all the transactions can be done online, you do not even have to leave your comfortable couch and the best part is that it is delivered at your doorstep. But, before making an order, you need to know that you will spend a couple of hundred dollars for your Art TV and the more you want in it, the more expensive it can become. On the other hand, the site offers special deals which you can take advantage of, you just need to subscribe to their email list. If you are really interested with an Art TV, then you can start exploring your options through a number of applications in the website. The online store has a number of tools which include the planning of the space you plan to put in your Art TV. The program allows you to input the data on your space, like its length and width and depth, and the size of the TV that you want to buy. Then you can see for yourself how it would look like, and whether it is what you have been envisioning so as to avoid any surprises. Then you also can use the quote builder which takes account of all the specifications that you want to be placed in your Art TV, and provides an itemized pricing for the kind of Art TV that you want so you would know how much it costs and what goes into your television set. Moreover, if you have made several designs you can ask for a sample of the Art TV that you have designed, this is free of charge and will help you decide which design does work for your home.

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