Here is The Best DIY Standing Desk Frame you should consider

If we are talking about buying a standing desk frame, then we shouldn’t be joking about the cost and amount of effort required to make it possible. They cost quite a lot, even though they get lesser by the year. This brought about building one, and there are several ways you can create your own standing desk; one of the most conventional forms is using a standing desk converter. This converter allows you to make use of a previously-used desk to make a new one which will be at its very best.

However, we would like to consider the fact that building your standing desk will help your savings. It is possible to have the best DIY standing desk frame without any compromise in quality, and durability. All DIY’ers need is to get the right materials and get to work.

Advantages of a DIY standing desk frame

When you take on a project fully by yourself, it is essential that you see it through. Moreover, you will need a lot of motivation to make things happen, and for a standing desk frame, it is good you understand the advantages it has to offer. Below are few advantages of building a standing desk frame yourself

  • Saves cost

Buying a standing desk frame from an e-commerce website or an online market generally will cost you a lot. The least price you will find a desk is about $1000 which may not even be a good value for money at the end. However, when you make decisions on building your own special kind of desk, you will discover you end up spending less. The only thing you will most likely be spending on are the materials used to make them which may not cost quite much. While the manual labor will be on you, you have something worthwhile for yourself in the end – the standing desk frame of your choice.

  • Allows you to personalize

In addition to the fact that it lets you save cost, it also allows you to customize and design to whatever mode you like. For instance, you could choose to blend color, adjust size, put patterns, use your own materials, etc. In fact, you follow through on the kind of material used whether it is durable or not; rather than those being sold with lesser quality online. Also, it gives room to explore and add new features which may not be seen in regular standing desks. This personalizing advantage is a reason why people should become DIY-ers rather than buyers.

  • Adjusts and Combines style

There is a possibility for you to combine different styles together to have your own unique design of desk. Sometimes, seek information online and see the best standing desks available. Pick from two or three of them and combine each of their unique features to build yours. You will realize that not only have you personalized, but have built an outstanding product for yourself. The main purpose is to have in your hom; youu can go further by having your own store and sell to customers at affordable rates (making money for yourself). A unique style is what every buyer needs in a competitive market.

  • Allows you to build a unique size

Many of the standing desk frames for sale are pretty much standard, i.e., they have measurements which has to be consideredtoo have a room or office size desk. However, when you build your desk, you have the opportunity to adjust the size to any measurement or level you want. If you want oto  raise it higher, you can make that possible, and if you want it smaller or longer, that can happen if you want it to. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting something that people consider as standard but isn’t comfortable by you anymore when you can build your own.

All these benefits above are why people are encouraged to rather go for self-designed products rather than ready-made ones. It will be surprising that even the best standing desk currently on the market may not even match what will be built by one’s self.

Buying Guide: What you should consider before building a desk frame?

Here in this section of the article, let us look at important factors that should be considered before building a DIY desk frame to one’s taste. These factors include;

  • Cost

Although, standing desks are expensive, similar with the frame at the same time, their prices are dropping as time goes by. What we need you to consider is the cost of buying a new one and that of building your own type. No doubt, there will be a big difference, especially when you make use of a converter which you only have to use on an old or previously-used desk. Other expenses you will need include the supplies and materials which will be used to build a new one. Sometimes, you may have to design the frame all by yourself, and buy a base from an online store. There are two cost-considerations; the budget and the premium type.

  • Weight

The weight of a standing desk is very important to consider too. It determines the ease with movement from one location to another. The frame and the surface contribute greatly to these factors, and if you are designing any of them, ensure it is something convenient and movable from one distance to another. Most people prefer a simple, lightweight desk especially in the home while they are indifferent of what is being used in the office.

  • Height

One thing about standing desk is that it must be comfortable to transition from one position to another, i.e., from standing to sitting and vice versa. In order to make this possible, you need an adjustable height which will fit into whatever position you have taken. When building your own desk, ensure you add this feature/consider this factor, because most ready-made standing desks out there may not have considered an adjustable height.

  • Ergonomics

Ergonomics simply refers to comfort derived from something or a product. Remember, one of the main purposes of building your own desk is to have enough comfort that an already built one won’t give you. Alongside this comfort is the ability of helping you to maintain a good body posture which is an extraordinary quality of any furniture (chairs and tables).

  • Materials

The kind of material you use in designing your type of standing desk is also very important. If you are making use of a metal, hardwood, or a converter, ensure the frame you are designing is very durable and can withstand a lot of pressure. This is another difference between an ordinary desk frame and the best DIY standing desk frame; the latter is more resistible to attacks and damage than the former. Since, you will be picking the materials by yourself, ensure you check their warranty period and read about them online.

  • Ideal Desk Height

Lastly, the ideal desk height should be considered, and this is another thing valuable for the ergonomics. For instance, to measure the perfect height for a DIY standing desk, ensure the under of your elbow lies or balances on the surface or top of the desk comfortably. This is a good way to measure height because there is a possibility of you changing positions which should favor you.

All these factors above are very important to help you build your own standing desk to satisfaction.

Top best DIY standing desk frames in 2019

Now, let us look at few recommendations on the best DIY standing desk frame possible at home or in the office.

Home Dresser

A dresser may not be a good choice to make your own standing desk frame, but one thing that makes it valuable is its ergonomics and cost. For anyone who is struggling with a tight budget, this is a better alternative to have a diy standing frame in the home. The usefulness of this structure lies with the height and the height of the user. If both heights complement, you can go ahead to make use of it satisfactorily. Also, if you think you are tall, and find it hard to cope with the design, you can install a board on the surface to help you raise the height a little.

A Converter

The art of creativity starts from when you use another material to recreate a better one – converter. Now, you don’t necessarily have to buy anything because all you need is at your disposal. For instance, you can make use of a side table and a room shelf to recreate your own standing desk frame. This forms a two-level edifice which is quite fancy and fascinating. Additionally, you have the opportunity of adjusting heights to convenient levels which will favor you while working or performing certain activities. It is not always difficult to do as long as you have the two objects in place.

Buy Frame and Get a unique Top

Another modification you can make is to buy a desk frame (like SmartDesk DIY Kit Base), and source for a top or surface from things around you. This is another way to recreate and while there are many advantages to doing that, such as; good electricity connection, enhanced stability, storage options, etc., it is a good value for money and considers ergonomics. This may not even cost you so much because all you need is at your disposal, and the only thing that needs to be bought may not be expensive after all.


Adjust Height of Existing Desk

This is the simplest way of adjusting a standing desk frame to fit varying heights. The deal is to have the under of the elbows above the surface with maximum comfort; well, this can be made possible (if desk is short) by raising with a support. You can make use of anything to adjust height to a comfortable level. In the office, you can make use of dust bins, or trays, or strong boxes at the four corners of the desk. At home, you can make use of different objects, including pillows, dustbins, small piece of wood that could cover the four corners. As you can see, it is not difficult, and it comes as a good value for money.

Craft Hardwood Desk

Lastly, another option you should consider for a desk frame is hardwood crafting. This is quite expensive because you have to design to suit features you are looking for in a standard standing desk. If you have a good craftsmanship, it would be a walk-over for you because you can design in whatever form you want using accurate measurements. However, if you belong to the other class of people, you may want to consider giving it to someone who has a mastery in craftsmanship so he or she could design in whatever form you desire. The latter often costs more.

It should be noted that the quality of wood material must be topnotch, i.e., durable, indestructible by insects, etc. Once, you are done building,; you can do some finishing by polishing, painting, and cushioning. Also, you can add features such as shelf or storage, connection ports for cables, etc. If you are up to the task, this is totally advisable; if not, stick to one with a more convenient budget, but does really well as a standing desk frame

Other best options

These other options are basically companies we would like to refer you to that makes the best diy standing desk frames. Unlike you doing the task, they have designed and put everything place for you to have a better experience.

SmartDesk Kit Base

With its price being very attractive, the Smartdesk Kit base, often called Autonomous SmartDesk DIY Kit,  has every characteristic of making a good DIY standing desk. They are available in two different forms; the home and business edition. For the home edition, the desk frame has been designed to be single-staged, single-motored with little or no guarantee that it can withstand a lot of pressure. It isn’t often recommended; rather, the business edition is.

For the business edition, stability is guaranteed coupled with its dual motors and dual stage which can withstand a lot of pressure. Therefore, it can be deduced that it is more of business/office desk rather than a domestic one.

Final Verdict: The best DIY standing desk frame

Finally, we have reviewed some of the best DIY standing desk frame options as seen above, and considered various factors in their creation. Ergonomics is an important factor when it comes to furniture, and a compromise in quality could affect even the body. As DIY-ers, building your own furniture or designing your own frame work can help you save a lot of cost, stress, and difficulty in choosing the best desks.

In conclusion, there are two kinds of standing desk frame with regard to cost; the budget and premium design. The SmartDesk Kit is a premium type because it costs a lot while Adjusting height of existing desk is the budget-intensive type. Ensure you pick any of which is suitable by you. Good luck!

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