The Benefits of Custom Built-In Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinets are more than just the sum of their parts; they don’t exist simply to store that which is not needed (though their ability to do so is one of their best features). Aside from their storage potential, cabinetry can also serve as a key point of interest in your bathroom and/or kitchen, provided it is done right. In order to live up to everything we ask of them, from style to functionality, it’s worth sourcing a quality cabinet maker in your area rather than purchasing a cookie-cutter product from a big box store. While the latter may put a little less strain on your wallet, they simply won’t compare to the value you’ll receive with kitchen or bathroom custom cabinets. Here are just a few benefits you can expect when choosing custom cabinetry for your next remodelling project

Custom Bathroom Cabinets Are Durable

Mass production does wonders to keep costs down, but beyond the potential for cost savings, purchasing pre-fabricated cabinets tend to lose their appeal pretty quickly. Custom cabinets are generally built by hand by someone with years or even decades of experience. They are not concerned with an assembly line and emphasize using quality materials that will stand the test of time rather than lowering the price tag. Since the materials themselves tend to include such beautiful hardwoods, the end product is typically much more breathtaking than anything that can be mass produced. While the use of higher quality materials has a positive impact on the aesthetic of the finished product, it also means that your cabinets will last much longer and will be able to support more weight so in the end, the extra cost is easily justified. 

You Can Customize Your Cabinets to Your Needs and Style

We know what you’re probably thinking, that it isn’t entirely fair to state that purchasing a stock set of cabinets from a big box retailer is a “cookie cutter” solution. Of course, there is some variability with the configurations available to choose from, but you may find that your choices will be limited based on item availability or by the styles and colors the vendor offers. 

When you begin a bathroom remodelling project, it’s nice to start with a clean slate and limitless possibilities. It’s also nice to be able to choose the wood type, the finish, and hardware that best fits your personal style, your vision, and your budget. Being forced to choose from a limited selection takes a lot of the fun out of the entire process. With a custom job, you’ll end up with the exact bathroom cabinets that you’ve always wanted and not something you had to compromise on. 

Custom Cabinets Afford You Storage that’s Built to Fit

No matter the room or space in your home, being able to maximize organization is usually of the utmost importance. Stock cabinetry, of course, can do well to meet a need for storage, but again, you may find that you’re limited in your ability to maximize the storage potential of a given area. Custom cabinetry allows you to install a solution that is specifically designed for a given area. This means that if you’re looking to maximize the storage in your bathroom but this space consists of an atypical layout, you can still install the shelving and drawers that you need. Best of all, the finished product won’t leave you feeling as though you simply made something work — it will have been specifically designed with your bathroom in mind so it will look and fit perfectly. 

Built-In Vs. Free-Standing Bathroom Vanities

If you’re sold on the benefit of custom cabinetry in your bathroom, there are more decisions that you’ll need to make – specifically whether to go with something built-in or something that is free standing. Let’s take a look at the various pros and cons of each. 

Built-In Cabinets


Ideal for large, traditional homes

Provides a greater amount of storage space

Can accommodate large items for storage

Can be customized to accommodate a unique width and length

Maximizes the use of atypical layouts


Typically, this solution is more expensive to build and install

Take longer to build and longer to install

Countertops are generally sold separately, adding to the cost

Free Standing Vanities


Looks like a nice piece of furniture

Provides the space with a modern, minimalist aesthetic

Perfect for small bathrooms where space is at a premium and storage is not a primary concern

Offers a greater amount of flexibility in terms of overall design

Provides more opportunity for unique decor in your washroom

Creates a bathroom that is more elegant

Typically costs less than a built-in solution

There are many, many countertops available to choose from

Sink and fixtures may be included


Potentially less storage space

Since the vanity is free standing, there is more surface area in the bathroom that requires cleaning

Potentially creates underutilized space

Could require some assembly or modification to existing plumbing to accommodate the installation

Cabinets are much more than square or rectangular boxes with shelves, drawers, and doors. They serve as a focal point in any bathroom and can tie together the entire look and feel of your space. Hopefully this article has given you enough information to make your choosing custom over stock cabinetry. If not, consult the experts at Builders Cabinet Supply; they’ll help you choose and create the best bathroom cabinets to suit your space and style.

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