The Basic Types of Gutter Guards. Main Reasons Why You Should Guard Your Gutters

Those people who choose to live in houses are aware of the need to choose qualitative gutter guards. Mostly, they come to this assumption after a number of problems and collapses of their gutter guards, and this is the reason, why before purchasing the gutter guards, it is always better to read about best rated gutter guards to know the most important details and avoid the most common problems with them. Cleaning gutters is one of the greatest challenges for users. On the one hand, they need to be kept clean to prevent clogs, and on the other hand, this work takes a lot of time and effort on a regular basis. Gutters are attached with the aim to let the water flow to the ground from the house, but not only water gets into them during stormy weather. It is possible to find twigs, leaves, debris inside of the gutter guards, which need to be taken away. Otherwise, they become the causes of clogs. Investigation of the modern market of gutter guards will allow you to choose the best options for avoiding the risks of clogs. 

Gutter contractors offer the service for the installation of gutter guards, and if your house is taller than just one store, this type of installation is the preferred option. However, a lot of house owners of one-store houses decide to DIY, as this procedure does not demand any specific tools or skills. Still, they need to consider many things before getting started. 


There are three basic types of gutter guards: mesh, screen, and reverse curve. Each of them could be characterized by specific features. 

Screen gutter guards stand out of the rest thanks to the wire or plastic grid, which is set via lifting of the lowest row of the house roof. Then the edge of the screen slides, letting it fit the correct position. If this is your first experience, you will definitely enjoy the easy procedure of installation and the basic set of tools, which might be necessary. These gutter guards are relatively cheap, and the screen grid is good protection against leaves and debris. Such gutter guards are not attached via screwing down and should be controlled during stormy weather, as plastic parts could break with time. 


Mesh gutter guards are often compared to screen guards because they also prevent getting of debris into the guards. There are metal and plastic mesh options available. They are also not difficult to install, and you can be sure that this construction is efficient even against the smallest parts of the debris. The weak side of mesh gutter guards relates to their inability to withstand the ice building and heavy branches. Regular cleaning is a must for this type of gutter guard. 


Reverse curve gutter guards could be made of molded plastic or lightweight metal. The water does not get inside of them but flows over. Debris also remains out of them and just falls to the ground. This option is perfect for the gardens with numerous trees, securing that the leaves are outside of the gutter. These gutter guards are available in different colors. If you choose this type of gutter guards, consider the professional installation service, since reverse curve gutter guards demand more knowledge and skill. 

Now, when you start looking for the best gutter guards on the market, you will realize that there are, in fact, too many things, you will have to focus upon. You will definitely want to know more about their characteristics, such as airflow or water flow, and you will be interested in the process of their installation, etc. In fact, the market is not limited, and there are a lot of options, thus to make your choice easier, there is a number of factors to be considered when purchasing the best gutters. 

Certainly, you are looking for gutters with the aim of protecting your home. However, you should be aware of the fact that it is possible only as long as they are cleaned. In other words, gutters are constantly under the impact of weather, the rainwater provides significant pressure upon the gutters, and with the flow of time might lead even to their ruining. The major task is to secure timely repairs in order not to let this water get into the basement. Special attention needs to be paid to the wooden constructions. In case the gutters do not function properly, they might allow water flowing over the wooden parts, leading to appearing of mold and mildew. No need to talk a lot about potential health risks, which are related to mold and mildew. 

If you like the greenness of your yard and take care of your plans, you should think of the ability of the new gutters to protect your plants from cascades of water in cases of heavy rains. Too much water is equally destroying for the plants, as lack of it. You would definitely not want your gutters to erode your plants. 


Stagnant water is the habitation for a great number of insects, thus in case your gutter becomes clogged, there are great chances that they will turn into the perfect places for mosquitoes and other insects to exist. Moreover, the damp environment is good for pests, which could destroy your wooden constructions. To sum up, here, clogged gutters might take away your comfort and bring damages to your house. 

Homeowners often forget about the ability of water to freeze; thus they clean their gutters in autumn and forget about them till spring. This is a great mistake since the water flows even within the best gutters in the market freeze. Often there are huge icicles formed, which look great but become dangerous for the one who might be under them. Their weight is usually excessive for the gutters and might even cause their tearing from the house. 

Experienced homeowners do not hurry with the choice of their gutters. They focus on their ability to serve for long years. They prefer to purchase those, which do not demand too much maintenance effort and provide efficient drainage systems. Such gutters won’t become clogged with twigs or leaves, as there is the special hooded design and will demand not a lot of time and effort to take care of.

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